Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our First Showing

Movers were here delivering all of our earthly possessions last Thursday until 11PM. Fast forward to today, Tuesday, four days later.

Today, four days after moving in, we had our first "showing." Obviously, we built this home for ourselves and the family to LIVE in, but we also knew we would be using it as a model for our custom home building business. We just didn't expect it to be quite so soon! Just like all of our potential customers, we win some and lose some so not sure how this one will turn out. But, Tom did say the meeting went well and was encouraged. Great sign! They're hoping to start building within the year, so we'll know soon enough.

We have been talking with this customer for about two or three weeks and they were watching as the house was built. Our intent was to get them through the home prior to moving in, but timing just didn't work out. So, today was the day. Honestly, it was in pretty good shape, all things considered. I have almost unpacked all of the boxes that were from the rental house with the exception of the pantry (still waiting on shelves) and the toy room. (The kids have kept themselves so entertained without them, I'm considering my strategy before releasing them from boxes.) We even have a few decorative items out like the lanterns and some paintings propped up on the mantles.

Don't get me wrong. There is still plenty to do. The basement is filled with boxes of things that we brought from the old, old house and didn't unpack at the old house. The kids closets need organized as does the pantry. Our bathroom still needs a towel rack and toilet paper holder. I don't care. I'm still impressed with us and I'm not too humble to admit it. :)

And, I can't forget that in the last five days, we've done the following as well...

- Josie's first soccer practice and game - Tom's coaching so we were snack parents for the first game too. (And, I can't forget that Josie scored a goal!!!!)
- Hosted Easter for Tom's parents and Nicole and cooked my first ham in my new oven! It was actually a lot of fun to have a family holiday in the new place so early. And, I don't think we've ever celebrated Easter in Indiana.
- Read The Paris Wife in two days. I joined a new book club and this was the first one, so I felt like I had to read it! Plus, it was really good!
- Put Josie on the bus for the first time. She loved it. :)
- Grilled out at the new house for the first time and for the first time since moving from the old, old house. We just didn't grill at the old place.
- Made three batches of chocolate chip cookies (pre-made, frozen variety) for the movers, ourselves and the girls, including Nicole.

It's been a full few days and I'm glad things are winding down a bit. I'm off tomorrow and will try to catch up on laundry and the kids' rooms. I just can't express how happy all of this makes me though. A better wordsmith would be able to verbalize it, but I'll just say it's perfect and all I ever imagined.

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