Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seaside Florida - Photo Overload!!!

We spent Spring Break in the cutest little town in Florida - Seaside. We rode our bikes everywhere and our car no where for a whole week. The weather was fantastic and we only had one downpour and managed to find a beachside bar in which to weather the storm. The kids loved their first trip to the ocean and we loved the relaxing atmosphere. I would go back in a heartbeat!

We drove down and back. The trip down was pretty rough as it took us over 15 hours - mainly due to Spring Break traffic. On the way home, it was a much more tolerable 13. We went part way on Friday night and then finished up on Saturday morning. Here's a shot of the girls as we crossed the state line into Florida. (All in all, the kids were great travelers - mom and dad, not so much.) :)

Then, one of Jack and the mess he made out of yogurt covered pretzels!

This is the front porch of the house we thought was ours. Thankfully, it was locked because we were at the wrong house.

This is the view of the Watercolor hotel from the boardwalk leading to the beach. We stayed in the resort, but not at the hotel.

Jack's taking off for his first trip to the ocean!

He only wanted pop. This was not uncommon throughout the whole trip.

Here's the girls and their first sand experience.

Mom got them started with jumping the waves.


We went on a walk one morning so I could get some pictures in the bright sunlight. They turned out just OK - mainly because my subjects weren't being super cooperative!

We found tons of lizards during the week!

This was a cute little mail station in Watercolor.

There was also an adorable Post Office in Seaside. 

 Along for the ride...

This was one of the paths behind the homes and around the lake.

The architecture of Seaside and Watercolor is amazing. Every house was cooler than the last and we loved seeing all of the unique features of each home.

A lot of the fences has cutouts in the boards. I don't think I had ever seen that before but it's a great way to make the fences unique.

Love the black windows!

Found some huge adirondack chairs in front of one of the stores.

Jack did not want Tessa to sit with him!

The kids club pool had a splash area too which Jack and Tessa liked.

Jack spent a lot of time sleeping on our laps or in the bike buggy or really wherever he could.

Tessa even caught some z's every once in a while.

Everyone rode their bikes!!!

We caught the ice cream truck once.

Here's the big storm that went through. Gram and Jack had a great time watching it go by.

Dad and Josie made Tessa into a mermaid.

These are all fun pictures we took at our favorite place to eat - the Taco Bar.

Finally, some other random fun.

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