Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What A Spring!

Wow! March and April have been totally crazy! I can't even believe that it's already the 25th of April. This month has just flown by.

We officially moved into the new house on April 4th & 5th (I think I posted about this already?). We are getting nice and settled in but starting to feel like we need to tackle some more serious unpacking. I managed to get the kids rooms organized and toys unpacked on Sunday. That was quite the undertaking! Next, I need to get to the tubs in the basement with extra kitchen stuff, towels, kids clothes, etc. We have no pictures on the walls either. But, I'm taking my time because I wanted to make sure each item has the perfect place.

Somehow, I managed to come down with strep throat last Monday. And, I have some type of bronchitis. Doctor seems to think my immune system was down (imagine that) and I managed to catch strep and some type of virus. That is not what I needed! We had Wine to Water last weekend which always takes my full attention for about a week. And, being sick for the week leading up to it was not great.

The Mini is less than two weeks away at this point too. I ran 9 miles last weekend and then didn't run again until yesterday - just over 4 miles. My lung capacity is just totally diminished. I'm bummed out because between this cough and my ankle a few weeks back, I don't feel like I've been able to give it my all. Not to mention, the moving added into all of this! I really thought this would be my year to break 2 hours. I suppose it's still possible but not very probable. There's always next year!

Finally, the other really big change is that I went completely cold turkey on all artificial sweeteners. So, no Diet Coke, no Splenda, no Truvia, nothing. That all happened on April 2nd after reading an article talking about how awful it really is. I've certainly missed it, but it's not been nearly as bad as I thought it might be. So, I'm sticking with it. I figure if nothing else, I'm saving about $30-$50 a month (yikes!) by not drinking it.

Now, the best part - some photos. The kids have been greatly entertained by digging in the yard since we have no grass. They've filled and refilled their sand buckets, planted maple tree seeds and just down right gotten dirty. They'll be sad to see the dirt go (but I won't!). Here are a few pictures I snapped the other day.

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