Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday

This is a busy week for our family. Meetings, interviews at the office, house plans, parent/teacher conferences, hunting for Tom along with everything else we usually do. I'm getting a little stressed thinking about the pace of life, and with the fact that it is already October 18th! Where is fall going?

So, since life is speeding by, I wanted to take a second (and just a second - no time for more) and capture a few things.

- Josie knows all of her sight words, probably about 12 or so, and also has memorized not only how to read them but remembers them all when we're not doing flash cards. This morning, she was putting them into sentences in the car even though there's probably only one verb (see) and one noun (can - well, could be a noun anyway). She has her dad's photographic memory. I also learned that she knows all of the planets and possibly in order. She claims she saw it on a Space Bubble Guppies show. The kid is a sponge.

- The girls call Pizza Hut the Pizza Parfait, which just cracks me up. We call it the pizza buffet and I think they heard parfait. I don't correct them.

- Josie lets me pick out her outfit in the morning and has told Tom it's just easier. If anyone compliments her on her outfit, she says, "Tell my mom - she picked it out." Tessa is a totally different story.

- Jack is all over the place - climbing on the coffee table, up the bunk bed stairs and just generally getting into trouble. He's also really starting to talk more. His favorite is probably uh-oh and dog, but he also says ball, mama, dada, and a few other things. He gets more adorable every day and probably gets into more trouble everyday. He's also learned to take his pants off which scares me every time I go into get him up from a nap.

That's it for now. I've already spent too much time here. Running late...

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