Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Journal Time - What We've Been Up To

I think it's about time for some photos and an update. We've stayed busy even though we've been at home for the last three weekends. I think that's a record for a while! And, we're hanging around most of October too. We have an awesome getaway to Gatlinburg planned for Fall Break and are all getting excited about that!

We've established quite the routine around here. It's taken a while but we've settled into a daily routine for days that Josie goes to school, those days that Tessa goes to school and the sitter's days too. Then, Monday nights are home with homework, Tuesday nights are date night and fun with the babysitter for the kids, Wednesday is a new Bible Study (that is awesome by the way) and Thursday nights are gymnastics. Then, the weekend comes along and we've tried to make Saturday's a family fun day and Sundays are church and then couch and football time. We all feel better falling into a routine.

So, here is a photo journal of our September...

I signed Jack back up for story time at the library. He's still a bit crazy but loves seeing the other kids and checking out the room around him. And, he's very proud of his name tag.

We got to spend a little time with the Robb cousins too! Jack loved his baby cousins!

I got my picture taken with Blue 2 from Butler University at a Rotary Meeting. Big time celebrity!

The babysitter was off last week, so the girls, Jack and I browsed the Halloween section at Walmart one day. I bought them "feathers" for their hair.

The girls got new nightgowns. And, a new camera pose...

Jack got a new t-shirt...

And, this is our favorite winter outfit of Jack's. His hood has monster horns. :)

We've taken a few family bike path walks. Josie always wants to take her bike but doesn't want to ride it. Tessa wants to ride in the stroller and Jack wants to walk. Tom usually runs and I try to do something more than walk. So, if you see me on the Pennsy doing high knees, skipping, or pushing the stroller out in front of me and sprinting to catch up, you know why.

Here's Tessa on the bike and Josie well ahead with dad on a jog.

I ordered a new Sit N Stand stroller! It's really only for two kids, but positioned just right, we can fit three.

The girls are infatuated with this little "Fun Pad" we've had forever but they've somehow rediscovered. This is Josie's mouse with Tiger-itis, a goatee and pants.

Tessa drew underpants on this rabbit. After getting a hearty chuckle from the family, she proceeded to draw underpants on about ten more animals.

And, I've spent the last week reading a fictional novel!! Haven't done this since last November when we went to Colorado. Not quite done, but very close. I am again reminded though of why I do not do this more often. The only time I really have to read is at night. So, I've been a bit anti-social with Tom in front of the TV and staying up way too late. Been reading The Help and highly recommend it.

Big stuff coming this weekend. Tom gave me a weekend getaway for my birthday and we're taking his parents up on watching the kids! But first, we get to go out to dinner with them on Friday night. Then, we have the big Riley 5K this weekend. I've only run one 5K and I can't say it ended well. Let's just say I won't be eating Rice Krispie Treat Cereal before this race. Here's a shot of the treadmill after my last attempt. Now, I hop off way too much, but still hoping to hit sub-25 minutes...

Finally, we'll take off for Indy and week of looking at house stuff. Hitting Menard's and Home Depot to make decisions on everything from toilets to door hardware. So, big weekend around here!