Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back on the Horse Check-In - 10/18/11

So, it's been a month since the last check in. Few reasons for that...

1. I've been busy. And, not much time for daily blogging. Or, much desire...

2. I fell back off the wagon, but...

3. I came back on.

4. I'm trying something new.

That being said, I'm still only 2ish pounds from my October 31st goal of 10 pounds lost. After falling off the wagon, I found the Four Hour Body. I bought the book and find it very interesting. He does tons of tests and experiments in his own body along with test subjects. Really it's not that much different than South Beach. No carbs except for beans, veggies and legumes. The big kicker though - no cheese or dairy. None.

It sounds difficult, but there is the "binge day." Not a huge fan of the name, but big fan of the concept. Once a week, I can eat what I want. Whatever I want. It really helps get through the week. But, also, it works. For me anyway. I've learned my body doesn't tolerate sugar and carbs. It just doesn't. I know that's why I do so much better when I just cut it completely out. I don't crave it as much and I just live without. I do "cheat" every day with three dark chocolate Hershey kisses.

There are only a few downsides to the program. One, it's not easy (simple, but not easy, but what in life is both?). For the two weeks I've been doing this, on Monday, I hard boil 6-8 eggs, cook a package of bacon and cook four chicken breasts to eat during the week. Fast food is very hard and eating out is not much better. Plus, the food is not particularly pleasurable. I continue to remind myself that I should be eating to live not living to eat.

The second problem is that I've been struggling with headaches and mental stamina. I think the latter is due to the former. I have had a headache almost every day for 10 days. Not fun. I'm still not totally sure if it's getting over the sugar addiction/withdrawal or from low blood sugar. Which brings me to my next point...

I had blood work done today. A few years ago, I mentioned to my doctor that I was a bit of a hypochondriac - always worrying that something was terribly wrong. My biggest fear is that it won't be caught soon enough. I have visions of going to the doctor and him saying, "Oh, if we only knew this earlier." So, I have blood work done every year. This puts my mind at ease, whether justifiable or not, I feel better.

The first time this was done, it was determined my thyroid was underactive. So, I'm on a simple, low dose medicine to fix that. Today's blood draw though was more than I'm used to. Typically, I just get a CBC (blood count) and a TSH (thyroid) test. This time, he did a lipid panel and a CMP, or a metabolic panel. After a quick Google search, it looks like I'll be getting results as to a glucose level, electrolyte balance and more.

I joked with Tom yesterday that I was afraid the doctor would call and say something like this...

"Sara, something seems to be terribly wrong with your blood work. By the looks of these results, it would appear that you've been eating nothing but copious amounts of eggs, chicken breasts, and bacon with perhaps a bit of spinach thrown in for good measure."

He would be right.

But, in this case, results speak loudly. I am now within 2 pounds of a new 6-year weight low - with little/no exercise. I am within 1.5 pounds of where I was when doing the intense Insanity while seriously cutting calories. This is all within 10 days of just changing my diet. So, I am close. So close that if you see me with a carb in hand, yank it out of my hand and scold me. I beg you to do this. Well, unless it is Saturday. Then, back away from the girl with the Oreo. :)

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