Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Don't Know How It Feels

Oh yes I do... (refer to post title - yes - Tom Petty's CD just happens to be one of the old CD's found at the garage sale that made it's way into my car)

So, we're always telling our customers, just list your house! Try it out and see how things go! Things will never change if you don't make the effort! Well, we took our own advice and got the house listed. And, it went well or so it would appear on the surface. Under contract in 40 days and closing about 30 days after that. Really couldn't have gone too much faster.

Now, to dig a little deeper. The stress of inspection issues, waiting on the appraisal and preparing the new rental house have been enough to drive a person insane! I'm still not ready to document all the back and forth and probably won't ever be ready. I'm shoving those memories deep inside my sub-conscience. But, it is a good lesson in patience and really good for us to see what our customers go through when they sell their home.

I've always known that moving is one of the top life stressors. There is no doubt in my mind now. I found this article discussing the particular stress on women and children to back up my stressful reactions to seemingly little things. I'm ready for next Thursday when we truly hand off the keys and can begin to get settled in the new place.

Now, about that new place... We are renting a house from good friends that were in the process of fixing it up. Tom and I just went over today and it looks great! Brand new paint job, brand new floors and I feel like I'll have a new house. It's just a little taste of how I suppose moving into the new house will actually feel.

We are in the middle of going back and forth on a building lot right now too. That paired with the closing/packing/moving of our house, closing on three Timber Run homes in July, starting to brainstorm on the new house and life in general have created a bunch of work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We'll get through this just as we get through everything and then we'll look back and say "I can't believe we did that!"

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