Monday, July 11, 2011

Success! In More Ways Than One!

I haven't written much this week because it's been a true roller coaster of emotion. We had some issues with the inspection report. I won't go into them now because they're all a thing of the past. But, needless to say, I wasn't too sure the house sale was actually going to go through. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we received word that we would have official paperwork soon, which we did receive. We sent it back to the agent yesterday afternoon and are now official. Well, except that the appraisal has to go through. I'm not too worried about it but it's still one more wild card. Closing is scheduled for 7/22 and possession on 7/28.

I'd be worried about getting out, but I'm compartmentalizing and only thinking of a room at a time. We made awesome progress on the garage getting ready for the sale. Now, we just have to get all of that sale stuff out! I'm trying to decide how to handle it all - donate? auction? It seems like a lot for one organization to get and it would be so much better suited to sort it out. But, calling AmVets and having them pick it all up is so easy.

The garage sale was very successful! We still have a bunch of stuff left but sold over $800 worth of stuff, so we must have gotten rid of a lot too!

Today has just been a recoup day for the kids (they're exhausted!) and a catch up day for me. Laundry, dishes and calling various places about the move has certainly kept me busy. Now, we're off to run a few errands in the scorching heat! Later, the girls will go to gymnastics. We'll probably do three classes this week since we've missed so many!

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