Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Like Mom & Dad

A few months ago, the Athletic Director at Greenfield-Central mentioned at Rotary a few programs the school puts on for the community. One such event is the G-C All Comers Track Meet. It’s a great way for the high school kids to stay in shape over the summer, but it’s truly open to everyone. Initially, I thought, wouldn’t that be fun for Tom and I? Then, I thought heck no. But, I’ll sign the girls up.

We’ve always thought Tessa would make a good runner. That girls has serious endurance! We’ve seen her run for long distances and she just keeps chugging along. And, Josie’s such a good sport, we knew she’d have fun. So, we went.

Both girls were stoked for the race. Josie picked out an outfit and Tessa wore her white sequined princess shoes that have been worn all summer. Today would be no different. It was nice because we did know two other families there with kids in the race too. And, one of the families was in Josie’s preschool class. So, they were very comfortable.

Their event was just for kids and was 80M. They started at the real starting line with a gun and everything. We think the gun scared Tessa a little bit. Here are the videos of both girls.



Tessa actually had a better time, but just by a little.  They all got medals which was really cute. Josie even wore hers today to the sitters. You can check out the rest of the event results at G-C All Comer’s Blog.

Here are some photos as well. Josie got a little shy afterward so her photos are as great but I love this one of Tessa.

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