Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation - Part Three

On Wednesday, we headed to the lake for a little relaxation before the family arrived on Friday. Tom took the girls golfing on Thursday morning while Jack and I putzed around the house. When they got back, we all took a boat ride and stopped at the beach. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves with the exception of one really whiny girl out in the water. The girls had a blast and kept walking out into the water to see how far they could go (with life jackets) and then they would squeal and say things like "Tessa! Help! I can't swim!" Then, when they got back to shore, they looked at each other and said, "Hey! We're alive! We're alive!" It was the funniest thing, but if the beach had been more crowded, I wouldn't have let them do it. :) Thursday night, Tom and I cooked up some yummy crab legs.

Friday was the day that everyone arrived. But first, we took off to Mt. Vernon for coffee at Sips and to pick up a book or two at Paragraphs. Josie remembered it from last time (two years ago) and remembered the book we picked out, Dinosaur Stomp. Steel trap that girl! After a final trip to Walmart for Jack's birthday gifts, we headed back to the house to meet Gram and Pop. Matt, Sarah, and Matt's friend, Jack, arrived shortly after lunch. We had a great afternoon boat ride and swim.

Tessa even had a nice little boat nap.

Then, the Besch's arrived! We went back out on the boat since everyone was having so much fun!

Arlene arrived later that evening too and we had pizza for dinner.

Saturday morning started with rain and thunder. Bleh! But, the boys took the girls to the golf course for a likely annual outing. Now, mind you, this golf course is hillbilly heaven and I think only serves Jack Daniels (Tom's not convinced it's not just Wild Turkey in a Jack bottle) and Budweiser in a can. Regardless, the girls are thrilled to be a part of something so fun! The big girls and Jack hung out at home and waited for the rain to clear and took a mid morning boat ride. After a big lunch of pulled pork, my dad's specialty, another boat ride was in order. This time, Ryan and Nicole both took on the tube! Ryan was super airborne and Nicole stayed on a remarkably long time!

After dinner, it was time for a little photo shoot and then fireworks of course!

We let the girls stay awake for the first time this year. Tessa loved the fireworks but they were a bit too loud for Josie. Now, mind you, Josie was absolutely exhausted! So, maybe she'll watch them next year! I went to bed with the girls right away to try to catch up on a little sleep!

Sunday was a much lower key day. We took the boat out, went swimming and everyone took naps.

Sunday night was the big birthday celebration for Jack. He was seriously the cutest baby ever. He got some great toys and we all loved watching him play with them. Our favorite to watch was the basketball hoop. He would make a basket and all of us would cheer him on and then he would clap and yell too! It was adorable! Finally, we sang to him and let him eat cake. He had a blast. :)

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