Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Extra Cup of Coffee

Sometimes an extra cup of coffee just feels so good. Today is one of those days. The kids have now been gone for three days and I'm missing them pretty badly. The first few days were fun (among the extra work we were doing) and we felt pretty footloose and fancy-free. But, by last night, Tom and I were pretty pitiful - staying at work until 6, picking up food to cook and watching a movie. Pretty much like every other night, except we stayed at work late. Fun stuff.

So, this morning, I'm taking the time to have an extra cup of coffee in front of my computer before I get showered and moving on the day. It's completely quiet here except for the hum of the dishwasher. I slept as long as I could this morning (8:45) and then worked on a few things for work, picked up around the house, did dishes and I'm about to put away mountains of laundry. But, first, I'm taking a second to enjoy the peace since it doesn't seem to come around these parts very often.

Today kind of begins a crazy three days. Today, we have a customer orientation at 4 for our newest homeowner, Third Wednesday at the Clubhouse for our existing homeowners, an HOA meeting in the middle of that to determine our next homeowner representative on the board, then a preschool board meeting to round out the night. Tomorrow, I have a Rotary board meeting at 10:15, then regular Rotary at noon. The kids are coming back somewhere around there and going to the sitters right away (don't get my guilt started), and then we have a closing at 2PM. The girls are supposed to have gymnastics at 5 (not sure if we'll make it) and then I have Bunco that evening! Then, finally, Friday is the house closing! Then, we pack.

The house is in pretty good shape as far as packing goes. We're having movers come to help with the heavy stuff but they're also going to move our dressers fully packed and put all of our closets into wardrobe boxes. So, all that I have left to do is fill some bins with the decorator items, finish up the kitchen and tackle the bathroom closet. When mom was here, we hit the garage, the kids' closets and most of the kitchen. I may have mentioned this, but we took three car loads to the Goodwill and filled up three dumpsters worth of trash. I'm guessing I probably have a day left of packing, or maybe two days if the kids are around. :)

It's been nice to have the kids away this week. Tom and I have really been able to focus on work, which is extremely busy these days. We've squeezed in a little fun too, but I do feel like these few days have given me the illusion of having everything under control. I said illusion because I know it's really not, but a girl can pretend.

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