Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacation - Part Two

Tuesday deserves a whole post to itself. We loaded the girls up in the car and left Jack with Tom's parents to head to King's Island! It was a bit of a rocky start due to lack of sleep for the girls. But, we got them nice and sugared up at Cracker Barrel with pancakes and sweets from the "Country Store" and their attitudes quickly changed. It took us a while to get there due to a traffic jam, but we got there around 11:30 or so. Here's a pic in the parking lot.

We hit the kids section right away. The first ride you come to is the Haunted House. I had really hyped this up to the girls, so I was a little nervous to see how they did. Tessa got really scared at first but soon realized that it was all in good fun and enjoyed herself. In fact, she begged to go back in a few hours later. It was actually really funny because Tom and I totally remembered the ride from when we were kids. And, for that matter, the whole place hasn't changed all that much but they have done a nice job of keeping things nice, freshly painted and clean.

After the haunted house, we hit the swings. Tom thought this was a huge waste of time, but the girls thought it was awesome.

The third ride was the Beastie, now known as the Woodstock Express. The girls LOVED it! I did too to be honest. It was a fun ride and still tickled my tummy after all these years. We rode it probably 10-12 times since the lines got shorter in the afternoon. Eventually, we were just getting off and right back on! We tried a few other rides in the kids area too before grabbing a late pizza lunch. Tessa wanted to do the haunted house again and Josie and Tom were going to try out a little more serious big kid ride. Meanwhile, I had a screaming bad headache. So, I carried Tessa for a bit to get some medicine. It took about two minutes and she was OUT! So, we sat in the shade for a while and she took a little snooze.

After the rest, we went over to the Viking Boat which the girls thought was awesome too. We rode that a few times and then set off for the Monster, or as I remember it, the Octopus. Tessa and rode together and I really got that thing spinning! I felt really dizzy when I got off, but it was a fun ride. Here are pics of our riding buddies.

The girls even got to ride on one coaster with each other - no adults!

Tessa had some funny moments. The whole area is now branded as Peanuts. Tessa ran into Linus and went right up to him and snuggled in...for a long time. It was a little odd but really funny.

They did get a little tired to we had to do some shoulder rides. Which, in my opinion, resulted in some of the cutest pictures yet!

Finally, we took off again for the kids area for one (OK - a few) more rides on the Beastie. Finally we convinced the girls to do the log ride in the kids area. Well, that may have been a mistake. We all got really wet on the downhill - duh I know - but Tessa did not handle it well. She was screaming bloody murder. Not until a turn in the family dryer and a promise to do the Beastie again did she stop screaming.

All in all, it was a really great day. I absolutely loved watching the girls enjoy themselves so much. I really had the most joy in watching them. I didn't even have second thought about not being able to go on the big rides. The look on their faces going down the hill for the first time was just priceless. They were so well behaved and were great sisters!

And, I think we wore them out...

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