Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Finally! We get a nice weather day with temperatures above 60, no rain and no 40 mph wind gusts! The landscape crew was out at Timber Run, which always makes it feel like Spring.

The girls both had a field trip today to the "Firefighters Station." I took both girls with their own classes while dad took the other on a date. They both got new shoes, new dresses and a present for Finnley's birthday party tomorrow. Honestly, I'd never been to a fire station so I learned a few new things too. For instance, the fire fighters have microphones in their air masks so you can hear them in the midst of a fire. Pretty obvious now that I think about it, but new nonetheless.  And, they stay there 24 hours, which I knew, but their beds look really nice and they have great La-Z-Boys for watching TV after 5PM. I'm thinking of becoming a firefighter so that I can sleep in a comfy bed and watch TV shows. Maybe they need someone to man the station when they're all off on calls?

As an aside to the family aspect of the day, I did hear a few rumblings about the Primary Election for Mayor that is coming up along with comments of budget cuts and not being fully staffed. I didn't catch wind of who was for which candidate but it did seem like a somewhat heated issue. I'm sure when your job depends on an election, you pay close attention.

OK - back to the 3 & 4 year olds. They had a great time. They kept reassuring each other that they were not scared. I think they build it up in the class ahead of time. It's a great trip for the kids because if there ever were an emergency, the fire fighters do look pretty scary in all of their gear. This helps the kids learn it's OK to go with them to safety.

Here are some photos.

Tessa's in Purple - Alison is next to her

Mrs. Vahle, Helen, Jocelyn, Kaitlyn & Tessa

Tessa's Class

Josie in the big truck

Josie's Class

A very good souvenir

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