Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call it a day!

So, some days are filled with kids, some days are filled with laundry, some days are filled with accounting, some days are filled with junk, some aren't filled at all and some days are just filled to the brim. Today was filled with real estate business (and to the brim at that).

Here's a glimpse into my day:

6:30AM - Tessa joins us in bed
7:30AM - Jack starts talking - Tessa goes to visit - Mom gets 5 more minutes of sleep
7:45AM - Josie gets up and goes into Jack's room - we hear lots of nonsense over the monitor
8:00AM - Oh crap - it's 8AM - time to get up - feed Jack - dress kids - etc. etc. - Today was a little easier because it was PJ day at school for Tessa - her favorite. Although, she had to wear tights under her nightgown which was pretty cute.
8:40AM - We managed to get everyone out on time. Tom agreed to take Jack to the sitters so I could get ready alone. Instead of doing that, I chatted with a client about a some properties (as an agent, not a builder). Double bonus - with a little hair spray, my hair looked great with no hair dryer or straightener. Before you get too jealous, it looked like crap by 3PM.
10:00AM - Head to the office. Yeah, I know, late start. Benefits of the self-employed. Get a little, and I mean very little, work done.
10:40AM - Pick up girls from preschool and take to the sitter and get lunch
11:15AM - Lunch Break - Chat with Tom about some upcoming opportunities - fun stuff and I really wish we'd had more time here.
12:45PM - Show three properties to a customer. I love seeing homes in the area and seeing other people see those same homes. I still struggle a little with not imparting my "wisdom" on clients. I am realizing that not everyone thinks alike and maybe I don't always have the best ideas. :) That's why I like selling homes - not every home is for every person.
3:30PM - Back at the office to do a little research on the properties I showed but didn't get far - see 3:35.
3:35PM - Customer "stops by" from our building under construction - we begin looking at Special Features and pricing things out - I'm meeting with them on Saturday too (makes up for my late arrival today, right?) but we handled a lot tonight.
6:30PM - Head home - Make two calls about another property
6:45PM - Help with bath time and wrangling Jack
7:00PM - Another call about the properties shown today
7:30PM - Fun with the kids - man, they were cute tonight!
8:00PM - Bedtime (for the kids, not me) - Frozen pizzas in the oven and glass of red wine on the table.

And, then, here I am. No running as I'm resting my knee. Watching Americal Idol, Facebooking and blogging. Tomorrow promises to be just as busy of a day. Missing Rotary because of another customer special feature appointment. Don't get me wrong - LOVE those! Means we're selling homes! I was just looking forward to this week because I didn't have any night meetings/appointments planned. I guess 6:30 isn't too late, but with a 7-7:30 bedtime for the kids, it seems late.

While the pizza was cooking, I flipped through a little of INC magazine today. I'm only three issues behind and got another Forbes in the mail, which I'm only six issues behind. Both magazines are great, but in 5 minute bursts. Someday I'll catch up. Or not...

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