Thursday, April 28, 2011

Growing Pains - For Mom

Well, so far so good. I decided to try to put Jack down tonight without his trusty swaddle blanket that he's used since he was born. It's infant sized and truly does NOT fit him anymore but it was so easy to get him to sleep. Lately, when he gets up in the middle of the night, I put him back down unswaddled and he's been doing fine. So, I decided to try tonight. With very little crying, it worked. I tucked him in with his blankets and stood there until he got very drowsy and slowly walked out. I think this may be it.

He lasted the longest of the kids in the swaddle. He's almost 10 months old. I'd say this is my biggest parenting tip - swaddle your babies. It works and they love it. At this point though, he's just getting difficult to maneuver in that thing.

Here's a pic of the whole family swaddled...

And then a pic of him when he was just a little thing...


  1. We swaddled all of our girls, too. Soph was an addict! There is nothing sweeter than a little swaddled baby. Jack is adorable in that photo. You just want to snuggle them like that.

  2. Nothing better than a swaddled baby! On night 2 of no swaddle, which makes me kind of sad. Is Lily still swaddled?