Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a weekend! We started with a great trip to Eric and Sarah Baker's house to spend the night and let the kids play together. The girls had a great time and were so excited to sleep at Oliver's house. Sometimes I think the anticipation is more exciting than the actual event! After some great Creno's pizza and breadsticks, we settled in for a not-so-relaxing night's sleep. Jack was up a few times with a cough - poor baby.

Saturday morning, we headed back to Newark and went to Tom's parents (not before grabbing City BBQ for our lunch) and the girls colored eggs. I was actually quite surprised that they did as well as they did. Thanks to Nana for the very short notice on boiling eggs and getting dye ready. And, thanks to Nana and Papa, Tom and I were able to meet my mom and dad to do our 9 mile run to prepare for the Indy Mini. There is something about running with other people that really helps the time go faster. We ran along the Granville bike path, which was actually really nice. We were lucky enough to avoid the storms and only had rain for the last mile or so. Tom and I actually ran about 9.4 miles and walked another 0.4. I cannot even begin to describe how sore my body is today - two days later. Here is a link to the app I used to track our run. (We did 9.4 even though it only states 8.9).

Had a nice dinner with my parents and an Easter egg hunt as well. Jack loved finding eggs and mom had planned certain eggs just for him. He was pretty proud of himself.

Finally, Sunday was the big day - Easter! We spent the morning resting around the house, after Easter baskets of course. (Not the best photos, but you get the idea!)

We went to the late Newark Naz service and loved seeing our friends and what a great service! Every time I go, it's somewhat bittersweet. I absolutely love the worship and no one will ever beat Wes' sermons. But, it's a reminder that we need to keep searching for that type of environment here in Greenfield.

We had a lovely lunch with the Joyner's, my parents, the Fenton's, Grammy, Grandpa Anderson and Grandma Ellie. It was great having everyone together. Another Easter egg hunt ensued, the kids got hyped up on candy, the parent's got full on ham and then it was time for the three hour trip home. Great trip back to Ohio, but also glad to be home, which is probably a good thing...

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