Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stabbing Knee Pain Can't Be Good

So, I was running sprints tonight on the treadmill and feeling great honestly. I basically did reverse ladders (or that's what I call them anyway) starting with a longer distance at a slower speed and decreasing the distance and increasing the speed. So, I was up to tenth of a mile spurts at a 9.0 on the treadmill and felt fine. When I slowed down to a walk, my left knee felt HORRIBLE! Sharp, stabbing pains on the side of my knee were so bad I had to slow the treadmill down to almost nothing and I was still wincing out loud from the pain. I stopped and came inside, literally dragged my leg up the stairs and got out the Bio Freeze. Once I settled down a little, I googled knee pain and came up with this - Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Basically, it's caused by overuse and increasing mileage too quickly and my symptoms match exactly. I did a little quick math and realized I did 17 miles this week already (since Saturday) and usually only do about 15-20 in an entire week. Dumb. So, rest is in order for the next two days, along with ice and ibuprofen. But, now as I type, it really feels just fine. I'm hoping it will be fine and I can still get in one more long run before next Saturday.

This brings up a good point. I'm trying to stick to an 1100 calorie diet plus anything I burn in exercise. I'm finding this nearly impossible to do without exercise. So much of my diet is convenience based - granola bars, fast food, snack stuff that's around - and obviously, these things don't give you much bang for your buck in terms of calories vs. satiation. I think I'll totally rest tomorrow (and be over on calories) and then walk for a while on Thursday and try running about 3 miles on Friday at an easy pace. I can always lose the extra few pounds later, right?


  1. I have IT Band Syndrome, too. I actually did PT for it for a bit in college, which helped, but it flares up if I don't stretch enough. I feel your pain! Watch out going down stairs for the next day or so ~ ouch!

  2. Feeling better now but haven't done anything for three days. I'm due for a long run tomorrow. I'll be sure to stretch - I've heard that from a number of people. We'll see how 10 miles feels tomorrow!

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