Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 8

Well, the streak is over. I missed miles last week. A lot of them. And, I really have no regrets. I think I needed a mental break and the hills in Kentucky are no joke. Here's the weekly recap...

Monday - rest (plan = rest)
Tuesday - rest (plan = 4)
Wednesday - rest (plan = rest) 
Thursday - 4 miles (plan = 4)
Friday - rest (plan = rest) 
Saturday - 4 hills & 1 mile hike - heck yeah I'm counting that! (plan = 4)
Sunday - rest (plan = 12)

This week, I took the pull back plan to a whole new level. I decided before I went to bed on Saturday night that I wouldn't run Sunday and I wouldn't feel bad about it. And, I didn't. We were in Kentucky on a family getaway and running would have meant three things...

1. Getting up early and still missing breakfast with the family
2. Shredding my legs on the hills 
3. Being tired and grumpy for the five hour drive home 

Not to mention, I had no way to drink water on the route and it was hot. I made the right choice. I'm sure of it. No regrets.  

This week will be better. Not worried about it. (OK - I'm a little worried because I have 16 miles on Sunday!) 

Here's a shot from my run on Saturday. It really was beautiful even with the hills and the heat!

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