Monday, August 5, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 5

Week 5?!?!? Really?!?!?! This is going faster than I thought. And, I think, faster than I'm ready for it to go. And, by faster, I don't mean my times are getting faster because they definitely are not.

This week really did feel like a marathon training week and less like a "get a few miles during the week and then a longer run on the weekend" type of week. I can also tell by the way I feel today. First time in a while I've been sore. (I also feel totally stoved up and unable to relax through my neck and shoulders which I'm attributing to carrying a water bottle on the run. Blech.)

Sidenote - I totally owe lots of cute kid photos, especially the back to school ones. But, honestly, between the back-to-school craziness, the work craziness and the running, I just haven't had time. I'll get around to it. Someday.

Anyway, here were the workouts for the week. I did all of the workouts and all of the miles. Yahoooo!!!!! That is definitely the high point of my week!!!

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 4 Miles - Hills (Plan = 4)
Wednesday - Rest Day (Plan = Rest Day)
Thursday - 3 Miles - Negative Splits - 9:29, 8:44, 8:20 (Plan = 3)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 5 Miles (Plan = 5)
Sunday - 10 Miles (Plan =10)

Total - 22 Miles (Plan = 22)

I felt slow this week. I felt slow last week too. My 10 mile run was at a 10:05 pace and felt long and hot. My goal is to finish the marathon somewhere around 4:10 or a 9:30 pace. I guess I'm not really that far off considering I always train slower than I race, but I still feel slow. And, 26.2 feels long. I'm probably mostly concerned that I don't feel remotely good while running the slower pace. It has been slightly hot, but so mild for a typical summer. I'm trying to keep the slower paces from getting to me. My feet hurt a lot on my last run too which wasn't good. Maybe it's time for new shoes?

One thing I added this week was negative splits. The concept is pretty simple. Each mile gets progressively faster. Training this way makes it easier (supposedly) to race this way. Basically, you run the first third of the race slower than pace, the second third on pace and the final third faster than pace on fresher legs. Sounds good although I'm not sure how it will work in practice. I'm going to implement a little of this on one run a week. Also trying to keep hills one day a week. And, I loved having a running partner on Saturday! Thanks Steph! 

22 miles for the week is good. That would be a stretch for me during the height of half training. Next week is 24 with a 12 mile long run. Based on how I feel today, it may go a bit downhill (figuratively, not literally) after this week. I need to drink more water and probably improve my attitude. I still know I can do it... it just may not be pretty! :)

Some views from my run north on 200W yesterday. Lots of corn and beans... Also, lots of beautiful weather!

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