Thursday, September 5, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 9

I totally owe a post for last week and I totally don't have the time, energy or desire to write it. I got in all the miles and all the runs including a 16 miler on Sunday, of which the first 10 were with mom. That was not the only milestone hit that week - I also totaled 30 miles for the week. I was pretty happy with myself!

Today is the first day in this training cycle that I am still sore on Thursday. Last night's 6 miler didn't feel good on the legs and was slow. I'm hoping to feel better by Saturday for 18. I get to run the first half of that with mom and her running friends so I'm happy about that! 

Still plodding along and still seems doable but I'm losing my enthusiasm for the whole thing. I'm sure it's just a mid-cycle rut. And soreness. And tiredness. :)

Edited 09/23/13...

Here's what I specifically did in Week 9...

Monday - rest (plan = rest)
Tuesday - rest (plan = 4)
Wednesday - 4 miles (plan = rest) 
Thursday - 5 miles (plan = 6)
Friday - rest (plan = rest) 
Saturday - 5 miles (plan = 4) - this one was slow and hilly but with Tom :)
Sunday - 16 miles (plan = 16) - 9:37 pace
Total - 30 miles (plan = 30)

Here's the beautiful view of the lake I left to run at 7AM.

 This was actually a 16 mile run in that amount of time. I lost my satellite signal for about 1/4 mile.

I bought GU packs in bulk this week too. I'm up to around 4 per long run now.


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