Friday, August 16, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 6

Figured I'd better post about last week before this next week is over! It was a good week and I got all of my runs in again. And all of my mileage. Plus, my Sunday run averaged under 9:45 miles with most of it negative splits. I started slowing down around mile 10 and struggled a bit to finish. 

Proudest moment of the week was finishing the 12 miles. First, it meant that I ran the longest training run ever. Second, it meant that I ran every run and ran every mile for four straight weeks. That is an accomplishment in itself. 

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 0 miles (plan = 4) 
Wednesday - 4 miles (plan = 0)
Thursday - 0 miles (plan = 3)
Friday - 3 miles with the jogging stroller (plan = 0)
Saturday - 5 miles (plan = 5)
Sunday - 12 miles (plan = 12) 

Total = 24 miles (plan = 24 miles)

The greatest part of this plan is that it is on four days a week so I have some flexibility on my runs. Unfortunately, I didn't plan great for this week and ended up with 20 miles in three days which is a lot for me. Although, for this coming week, I'll end up with 20 in two days. So, it's good practice. 

All in all... It's been good. I think my metabolism has finally caught up. I'm hungry all the time and I'm eating a lot. Yet, I'm still maintaining my weight and maybe even down a few pounds. 

15 miles for my long run this week and I'm stressing a bit. Last week, I had the run in before church and hoping to do the same this week. Means starting at 6:15. Marathon training means sacrifice and I'm definitely sacrificing weekend sleeping in time. But, I make up for it with Sunday naps and before I know it, I'll be able to nap to the sound of football in the background. :)

Early morning shot of the Pennsy Trail from Sunday. It turned out to be pretty hot!

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