Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 4

Two weeks in a row of hitting mileage! Yay! The only workout I skipped was the one mile time trial, which isn't explained in the training literature anyway, so I'm not exactly sure what it is. I suppose I'm to run a mile as fast as I can and then compare times along the way. I did fit in .9 of the mileage in other spots. I'm calling it a win!

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Rest Day (Plan = 4)
Wednesday - 3.3 Miles (Plan = 1)
Thursday - 4 Miles (Plan = 3)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 4.3 Miles (Plan = 4)
Sunday - 7.3 Miles (Plan = 7)

Total - 18.9 Miles (Plan = 19)

Again, another confidence building week. Sunday marked the last of my "short" long runs, those that are under 10 miles. This week also marked my last week under 20 miles total.

I have to say overall, I feel pretty good. I wouldn't really expect to feel less than good...yet. Although, I can definitely tell that my body is feeling it. Four weeks of consistent running has made certain joints tired. The backs of my ankles, where they meet my calf are tight and so are the sides of my lower leg. I'm spending extra time stretching those areas. They usually loosen up after I get started, but that is the most noticeable.

My paces have been slow (usually a 10:00 pace or slower), but cardio-wise, I feel like I could run forever. I've been stopped on my runs twice in the last two days to talk to people and can easily just pick up a conversation. Now, if I could just control the sweating. :) I've also been adding in extra hills - my 7 mile run went over the over pass (a hill both ways) and I try to take one day a week and add in repeats of the hills in the neighborhood.

I'm also struggling with boredom. I've been listening to Dr. Joy Browne, my favorite radio psychologist, on a podcast and that has kept it a little interesting. I like hearing about other people's problems. Plus, she has some good advice for a lot of things that apply to everyone. But, I know this attributes to my slower running too.

Another great week and off to a good start this week too. I had a full, very full, day with back-to-school prep and didn't get my list done until 8:15. So, Tom put down the kids and I hit the street. Yet another reason I love training. Without an end goal, I would be typing this from my couch with a glass of wine and wearing my sweats. And, I would be filled with regret. Instead, I'm chugging water, drenched in sweat and proud of myself. :)

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