Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Hour Body Update

Well folks, once the holidays were over, I was craving routine. It was important to get into a daily routine for our family's activities, but more importantly for my eating. Just like 99.9% of America, I took a break from all things healthy over Christmas and New Years. I don't know how bad it got because I refused to weigh myself until I had a few days of healthy eating under the proverbial belt.

To catch you up, I had lost about 8 pounds before Christmas following the Four Hour Body starting in October. (Here's a link to my first post about Four Hour Body. For those wondering, my blood work came back great with no mention about how much meat I was consuming.) Now, I had also previously lost those 8 pounds before our trip to Mexico last year while counting calories and doing Insanity. But, they crept back up over the summer. So, I wasn't at a new low or anything. In fact, I kind of plateaued at the weight I was before Christmas.

Truly, I think I gained every one of those 8 pounds back over the break. But, the good news is, when I got on the scale after the first week of getting back on track, five of them were gone again. So, I only had three to go to get back to pre-Christmas levels. I think I've lost another pound or so this week too.

I do worry a little that I'll hit that number again though and not go anywhere. Again, like a lot of people, I think I will always want to lose five to seven pounds. I'm hoping that between the diet and beginning to train for the Indy Mini next week (!!!!!), I may be able to banish those five to seven pounds and be back to a weight I was before I had kids at all.

I will say though that this diet definitely works. It's very simple (basically meat, beans, vegetables six days a week and anything you want on day seven) but not easy. Tom started this week too and will officially weigh in tomorrow, but as of today, he has lost 4.5 pounds this week. Impressive to say the least. I'm hoping for an round five pounds for him by tomorrow. It's particularly difficult for him since he is allergic to fruits and vegetables, so I'm very proud of him for lasting this long. Results are making it worth it for him.

The rest of the routine I implemented worked great this week. I found myself under a blanket this afternoon with Tessa watching "cook shows" (Food Network) at her request. Even kids like those shows! I read a lot and just enjoyed being caught up on all things domestic. I must remember that I'm a sucker for a plan and perform so much better when planning in advance to have a plan. :)

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