Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is it really that time already?

I am a little sad to say that I think Jack is done with his pacifier. I've always been hesitant to believe (OK - honestly, I thought they were liars) those moms that say, "Oh, little Johnny just stopped taking his binky all on his own." Or, "I told Suzy another baby wanted their binky and she just gave it up and never knew the difference." Now, it seems I have my own unbelievable story.

On Friday, Jack was seeming a little under the weather. He had a slight fever and was just sad and fussy. Against my best judgement, I took him to the gym anyway and sent him into the kids area. He really did seem fine and I thought it was probably just a reaction to the flu shot. Anyway, when I went to pick him up, they couldn't find his binky. We left anyway but I knew we didn't have one at home. I don't know how we got down to just one.

Tom and I searched the house up and down and couldn't find one. At this point, Jack was deliriously tired and really just jumped into bed. He slept in our bed for part of the night (not uncommon at all) but made it all night without a binky. I couldn't believe it but here we are, Sunday night, and he has gone down for the third night in a row.

It's funny because he has been calling it his "uh-oh" for a while now. He picked it up because whenever he dropped it, someone would say "uh-oh!" It's just too cute. So, we all got in that habit too. He's really only asked for it once or twice. He's still not feeling 100% so it's interesting to me that he hasn't been asking for it all the time. But, I'm thinking that we're done. Surely, he won't remember it after three days?

Something about a baby with a pacifier just warms my heart. Jack had a super cute way that he liked to prop up the holder and leave it under his nose. He never moved past the infant sizes because the little handle wouldn't fit under his now. So sweet.

So, I'm happy it was uneventful, but really sad he's growing up so fast. It really is just no time at all. Like sand, just slipping through my fingers.

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