Monday, January 30, 2012

Kindergarden Rocks!

Josie has had a wonderful year in kindergarden so far. I wanted to take a few minutes to just record some of her experiences.

This year, she has a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown has been the reading specialist for kindergarden and 1st grade for a while at Mt. Comfort, but she has not ever taught a kindergarden class. She told me she was so excited to teach a class this year! I think that makes a perfect combination for a teacher - experienced in the classroom with five and six year olds (AKA - not fresh out of school) but with the enthusiasm of a fresh out of school teacher. She has done a fantastic job!

Josie has done well in school and is getting pretty good at making her way through the Easy Readers. She got a few level 2 easy readers for her birthday and has been enjoying those. She is also surprising me everyday with what she picks up. She'll tell me about the morning announcements and what's going on in the school along with the weather report she hears on the radio in the morning.

She really seems to like all of her classmates and was worried about inviting only a few to her birthday party because she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Delaney and Keira are two little girls she seems to talk about a lot and she invited them to her party. Luke is her friend that is a boy. She makes it very clear that she likes him but doesn't love him. He's asked her to be his boyfriend but she told him he had to ask her dad. Love it!

Back to Mrs. Brown - she really makes an effort to share the happenings of the classroom with parents. She posts a newsletter every week with photos and has sent a few emails to me with funny and cute stories about Josie. Here are two excerpts we received recently...

- Also, you should have seen her when Mrs. Whitaker (the principal) came last week!  She was so excited.  At one point during the book Mrs. Whitaker was reading, she was talking about how "No one knows everything" and Josie pops up with, "except God, right?, he knows everything."  Mrs. Whitaker was a little taken aback and had a huge smile as she looked at Josie.  So sweet.

- Hope you have a great weekend.  I am certain that Josie made the days of several Conner Prairie Volunteers when she declared, "This is the Best Day Ever!" - the kind of moment moms (and teachers:)  live for!!

And, my favorite email we've received so far was sent out to all of the parents of her class.

- Have I told you all lately how much I love being your child's teacher!?  I am so lucky.  I know it every single day.

She's been just having a wonderful year and I feel so lucky that she has a wonderful teacher. It is really reaffirming our choice to move to this district. The first year of public education can really shape a young learners thoughts about school so I'm happy she has had such a positive experience!

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