Monday, June 23, 2014

Colorado! Photos!

We took the kids out for another trip to Colorado to visit cousins. Tom and the boys were going fishing anyway, so I decided, why not? And, so we loaded everyone up onto a big airplane and went west.

By car, by bus, then plane, then car again... the kids loved it all.

This was my seat buddy. His attention span was very short on this trip! All in all, for a three year old traveling after his bedtime, he did great. 

After a late arrival, the boys left early in the AM to start their fishing expedition. The kids and girls hung out and played and talked. 

We all got brave and took all nine kids to the park. This is a pretty good feel for how we felt. Kids everywhere and this isn't everyone!

Josie seemed particularly old this trip!

Here's everyone! You can't seem them all but they're there! 

I took my three to Kohl's for a little wedding dress shopping. They were really, really well behaved! 

Jack showed off some of his wedding moves.

We walked to pick up Chinese food one night too. I would love to be that close to restaurants!

Sunday morning, we loaded up the troops and went into the mountains to meet the boys at a mountain home. The kids did great and the views were spectacular! 

Right about the time this photo was taken, my phone received a bizarre tornado warning. It was bizarre because we were about 10 miles away from cell service. The weather did seem ominous, but certainly not tornado weather. 

While these kids were playing whiffle ball, I went inside to go to the bathroom. 

I went to flip the switch and... uh oh... no power! Didn't stop the kids from playing! (It did rain a lot and it turned out a tornado touched down about 10 miles from where we were. We were lucky to only lose power!) 

Later in the evening, it cleared up and became a beautiful evening! I took the "good" camera and got some good shots of Tom and Joey fishing in the river onsite. No fish, but great pictures!

Just point and shoot. Right Joe?

Finally, it was time for the kiddos to hit the hay and the adults to hit the fire. 

Hilarity ensued and only we will know the truth about these photos. 

We played a quick game of twilight whiffleball. Katie or Jason hit it the furthest but I had two shots that nailed the pitcher directly. So, basically, I won. (It's my blog. I'll say what I want.)

Then, it got really dark and really pretty. 

The power came on around 1:30AM and we all got up and flushed toilets. (For you city dwellers, no electricity means no well pump means no water to flush toilets. At least three of us were in diapers.)

A trip home and more playing rounded out the fun-filled family weekend. Colorado - we'll be back!

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