Monday, June 23, 2014

Conner Prairie - Mother's Day 2014

I can't believe these photos are over a month old! Better late than never...

We seem to head to Conner Prairie once or twice a year. See old posts here - The girls are getting old enough now to interact with the characters and they seem to enjoy it. The "new" Civil War exhibit has really taken things to the next level and they seem to enjoy it. One of these days, I'd like to go out for their more adult events like Prairie Plates. Eating on the covered bridge with an adult beverage just seems like fun.

This trip however, was all about the kiddos.

Can she get any cuter? She seems to just know how to pose and make those eyes perfect!

And, he, I think, is adorable. (Jack, not Lincoln.)

Get off my balloon or I'll whack you with a baguette!

Heading off to the Animal Barn.

Animal Barn wasn't a big hit with this guy. He actually said it tasted bad. I was watching pretty close and don't "think" he actually ate anything in there.

Riding on dad's shoulders made him happy again.

And, they're off!

All of the kids enjoyed helping in the General Store. Jack got a "muddy" and the girls got ribbons for their hard work. 

They also enjoyed the stilts. 

The kids also participated in soldier training for the Civil War. I can't begin to tell you how much this kid makes us laugh. 

So, I guess most photos were of Jack. What can I say? He's a cute three year old. And I think the girls were too busy having fun to bother with pictures! 

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