Thursday, May 22, 2014

And you thought you'd seen random...

More random thoughts today. With the pace of life right now, I think (and now post) just in very short snippets.

We left the garage door open last night. We also forgot to put out trash the night before last. We also had a full trash can in the garage and two bags that didn't fit in the can so were on the floor. We also had a cat or coon destroy those two bags of trash last night.

Adding to the fun of the morning, Jack wet the bed.

After watching this video that hit the viral scene today of a kid at a talent show, I am now listening to all five Michael Jackson songs on my phone - PYT, Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, and the Man in the Mirror. And now, later in this post, I am listening to the Michael Jackson Pandora Station.

I had to change my pants after getting half way to my first meeting this morning because there were pen marks all over it. More pen marks after I changed. It kept happening until around 1:30 when I realizes an ink pen had poked through a bag and was writing on my clothes every time I carried it.

My car also just stopped driving today. About 1/2 mile from the house, it just stopped accelerating. I managed to coast into the subdivision and then couldn't get up the ever so slight hill and had to park it there. It did work in reverse though and Tom managed to drive it backward and into our driveway. Tessa actually came up with the idea at the same time as Tom. My little creative thinkers! (And yes, I had plenty of gas... we're thinking transmission... fun!)

I think it's funny that sometimes the things that bug us the most are things other people admire. Case in point... Yesterday, someone commented on my bangs and how they always just looked great and swooped to the side. My bangs are my least favorite part of my hair and I feel like I never get them "right" - mainly that I can't get them to swoop right. Here's a pic of me in Jack's Spiderman sunglasses that I wore around all day and kept forgetting to take off in public. See the bangs? These wouldn't be my favorite but maybe I'm too hard on myself... :)

I managed to lose Tom's brand new GPS watch. We found it in a stack of his workout shirts. At least I had the right idea. I did manage to organize two drawers and clean the rest of the house while searching for it. Now, if we could just find his key fob for the gym.

Speaking of the gym... we joined Hancock Wellness last week on Monday. I'm super excited about it and really like how it works which is really for another post. I've been there every day this week - Monday through Thursday - doing everything from running to yoga to weights. (It helps that the kids beg to go to the kids area.) And, I ran on Sunday. That's five days in a row. Tomorrow I rest.

I ran a 7:42 mile on the treadmill today. Someday, I'd like to break 7:00. I'm not sure I ever did that in middle school/high school track, although 6:56 does stick in my head for some reason. Why not in my 30's?

Tom and I had our 14 year anniversary this week. We've officially owned our own business together more than half of our marriage. That would be two partnerships that are tough and even tougher when added together. I think we've done a pretty darned good job. We celebrated with tacos. :) The biggest difference I've noticed between us and other couples? We have never sat at a table in a restaurant and not had something to talk about even though we share an office the size of a large bathroom and see each other all the time.

We honored our Veteran's at our local Veteran's Memorial as part of our Rotary meeting today. This is one of my favorite meetings of the year. The man playing Taps on the bugle was fantastic. It reminded me of Girl Scout Camp.

I realized today that our kids will be able to say that three out of four grandfathers served in WWII. And, the fourth wanted to serve but couldn't due to medical issues. I'm sure that has to be rare and I also know it's something of which to be very proud. This is my dad's dad, Grandpa Chuck who was in the Army.

I'm so much happier when I have a clean house. And, a clean car helps too. Cleaning the house sure shook me out of my funk tonight. I always read those little, cute quotes about how when you die, you'll wish you hadn't spent as much time cleaning, etc. etc. However, if a clean house = a happy mama, just clean. Your kids will thank you for your mental sanity. If not now, it will come later when they become parents and they finally get it.

Four more days of school. And, they can't come soon enough.

Told you it was random. It's been a long, eventful day and now, it's time for a late dinner.

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