Tuesday, June 24, 2014

House Guests

We love having guests. And, we tend to get quite a few between neighbors, friends and overnight stays from family. This summer, we have a few weeks with two little girls, ages 8 & 9, at our house. This makes us a family of seven.


- Going anywhere on a time schedule is a feat. We have to leave the house about 20 minutes early to get anywhere on time. But, we've made it on time, every time, to where we need to be.

- Having a clean kitchen/finished laundry pile is all that much more rewarding when there are seven people in the house. It is also undone in a flash.

- Having four girls between 7 & 9 makes for quite the chorus when "Let It Go" comes over the loud speaker at a store. I felt like the Music Man leading them through the store.

- Five kids can get really loud. And, when they all get quiet, I can get really paranoid.

- A quiet house when everyone is gone (right now) seems really, freakishly quiet.

- I have said "Go Play" more times this week than I have ever said it in my entire life.
- Five kids can play by themselves a LONG time. Even longer when the adults decide not to referee. :)

- Assigned seats at the dinner table and in the car are a must.

- Paper plates and plastic cups are also a must.

- When 8:30PM comes along, no matter how exhausted I feel, I always tend to get a second wind and stay up until midnight.

We've managed to go to the library, Walmart, VBS, Rotary, the pool, art camp, out to eat, gymnastics, and even played with the slip and slide. Tom and I have managed to work, get in some runs, read books, watch soccer, edge the driveway and plant flowers.

We have enjoyed having the full house even though it has felt a little overwhelming at times. It actually reminds me a lot of when we had a new baby in the house - like I can't get settled into a routine and I can't stay on top of things, let alone get ahead. But, in the end, it is all worth it and eventually I realize it's just a new normal. I think that's happening a bit this week.

I know the kids are having fun too and will have tons of memories!

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