Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 13

Peak Week! This week was to be my longest week and I did it. Fit in all the runs and all the miles. I was tired, but probably not as tired as I was during the week of my other 20 miler.

Here's the rundown...

Monday - 6 (Plan = 0)
Tuesday - 0 (Plan = 6)
Wednesday - 7 (Plan = 0)
Thursday - 0 (Plan = 7)
Friday - 7 (Plan = 0)
Saturday - 20 (Plan = 0)
Sunday - 0 (Plan = 20)

Total - 40 (Plan = 40)

I'm always proud of myself when I fit in tough-to-schedule runs. This week's was Wednesday's run. I fit in 5.65 miles on the trails in the neighborhood before the bus came home in the afternoon and then hopped on the treadmill for my last 1.35 while the girls had their after school snack.

Friday's run was also a tough one to schedule mainly because of my attitude. :) I did NOT want to do 7 on the treadmill while the kids were home. So, I did what Tom did earlier in the week - set the kids up outside and then ran the .2 mile loop in our cul-de-sac. Tom came home and did the last 5 miles with me. Doing the math, that's 35 times around the loop. Just only a tiny bit better than the treadmill.

Also, this week worked out well since I was able to shift my runs and have my long run on Saturday. I liked this a lot! I was super proud of this long run. I had some awesome miles in there and felt fantastic. Until mile 18. I started losing steam. I think it got hot and I got tired. I tried to fit in too many miles at a fast pace when I felt good.

Like my last 20 miler, I started out slower but not quite as slow. Interestingly enough, this time, I had seven miles under 9 and last time I had eight. It's funny though because I would have guessed I had more under 9 than last time. But, overall, I was faster until miles 19 & 20. I just didn't have anything left.

I took a new route for part of the trip which was a nice change from the Pennsy. I left my car at Meridian by Mozzi's for water, gatorade and Gel packs. I used the water fountain at Apple Street too in and worked it out to have hydration about every 3-4 miles.

Found the water tower.

Finished with a great average despite my challenges. This 20 was only 14 seconds faster than my last. Amazing how close over so many miles! 

I did manage to set another record on my watch for a half on that run though. 

Great week all around. I had my confidence shaken though during those last two miles of the 20 this week. It didn't feel good and, for the first time, I really didn't feel like I could have kept going if I had to. I know race day will be different, but it's still discouraging and disheartening. I just have to remember that I have felt this way on many long runs during many training cycles and I will eke it out.

On to the taper!

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