Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Weeks 15 & 16

I decided to group these two weeks together since they're the last ones and I'm already halfway into week 16. Plus, week 16 culminates in the big one!


By this time next week, I'll be writing my race recap and more importantly, I'll be a marathoner.

That's cool. Really cool.

Last week was a little bit of a blur since we had a bunch of other stuff going on. I suppose that's good since it didn't give me much time to think.

Here was the plan...

Monday - 0 (Plan = 0)
Tuesday - 5 (Plan = 5)
Wednesday - 0 (Plan = 0)
Thursday - 4 (Plan = 4)
Friday - 0 (Plan = 0)
Saturday - 0 (Plan = 5)
Sunday - 9 with TONS of hills (Plan = 10)

This week felt a lot like fall on the trail. I loved crunching through the fall leaves, but didn't love the dodging of walnut shells for fear of a sprained ankle. Also, I didn't love the unseasonably warm temperatures and high humidity. No. I take that back. I did love that when I wasn't running.

One of my trail runs seemed a bit buggy. When I got home and looked in the mirror, I saw that I had gnats stuck to my sweaty neck. Gross!

The girls and I took a trip to San Diego to visit my brother this weekend, so getting that 5 miles in on Friday or Saturday wasn't super doable. Sunday, I did manage to get in 9. I theoretically could have done 10 but I was totally spent and did the first 9 on incredible hills and with no water. To give you an idea of the elevation difference compared to what I'm used to, here's a screen shot from my watch of my last 10-15 runs.

Sunday's run? Almost 1200 ft in elevation gain. Ouch. I think 9 miles was just fine. It was a very pretty run.

And, here's a map of my travels. 

I was pretty happy with my 9:32 pace though despite the hills. 

This week calls for some easy runs. I was supposed to do 3 miles today which I'll do tomorrow and then I'll do another 4 on Thursday with Friday as a rest day. I'm saving my official pre-race thoughts for my next post coming soon!

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