Monday, September 23, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 11

Lots of catch up posts tonight! Here's the recap of Week 11.

Tom was out of town for most of this week so a lot of time was spent on the treadmill, which led to my reintroduction to Desperate Housewives on Netflix. I forgot how much I love that show! A long time ago, our DVR lost a few episodes and I gave up on watching it. I'm glad I found it again as it helped pass some time!

I also helped Josie with her homework while running. As with all multi-tasking, I'm not sure I did a great job of either.

Here's the plan for the week...

Monday - rest (plan = rest)
Tuesday - 5 miles (plan = 6)
Wednesday - rest (plan = rest) 
Thursday - 6 miles (plan = 5)
Friday - rest (plan = rest) 
Saturday - 4 (plan = 5)
Sunday - 20(!) (plan = 20)
Total - 35 (plan = 36)
The treadmill did me in and I was very happy to get back out and on the road on Sunday. Saturday morning, the kids and I did the 1 miles fun run for the school foundation. Josie ran it all alone and I was very proud of her. Jack ran a lot of the way and did a great job too. Tessa varied between running with Jack and I and running ahead a few feet. 
I just found out that she actually came in 6th with a 9:17 pace! She tied with our neighbor. I'm really proud of her!
Jack pretended to be a transformer changing into an airplane most of the time. He only had me carry him twice. We finished just under 17 which isn't too bad for a three year old! :)


Finally, Sunday rolled around and I was up against my longest pre-race run of 20 miles. I have two of these this cycle. I was very nervous even though I know it's just two miles longer than last weekend's run. I had to be home by 10 too so that I could shower and get to church by 11 to help with check in. So, the pressure was on! 
I started slower than normal. It was very cold that morning and dark. I stayed on the best lit part of the path until the sun started to come up enough to see. Then, I basically ran the Pennsy Trail almost twice. For the first 10 miles, I listened to a podcast. Then, I switched to music and was again blown away at my paces! 
That's 8 miles at a sub-9 pace. And, with 6.2 miles left, I can finish it out at a 10:00 pace and still beat my initial goal of a 4:10 finish. And, if I can keep the 9:17 pace, I will finish under 4:05. Finally, if I can manage to get those first four miles around 9:30, I have a real shot of getting under 4. I haven't officially set my goals yet, but I'm getting close. I'm absolutely thrilled with my pace.
I hit some new records on my watch. Looks like my fastest watch times were back on 8/18 during my 15 mile run.
In all, the run felt really good. Well, good for 20 miles. It was a great confidence builder and really made me feel like I can do it. I know there are another 6 miles, but I'm not worried. 
I will say that the training is absolutely taking it out of me. I am utterly exhausted on my long runs. Beyond exhausted. It's all I can do to not fall asleep at every moment of the day. Tom went out for his long run after church and the kids and I hung out in the front yard since it was such a nice day. I passed out. :)

I moved from this blanket outside to a couch inside and literally laid around I felt a little bit like I did when I was pregnant with Josie. I felt so guilty for being tired and sick and laying around all day. Thankfully, this time around, I don't have the hormones that make me cry about it. But, still feel guilty nonetheless.

Another good week in the books. Only 5 left!


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