Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 3

I did it! I managed to finish every single workout and every single mile. I'm pretty proud of myself too. :) 

Here are the details...

Monday - Rest - Nailed It! 
Tuesday - 3 miles (morning run) - nothing remarkable here. Nice and easy. 
Wednesday - Rest - Nailed it once again! :)
Thursday - 3 miles (early morning run) - I'm most proud of this workout this week I think. I had to get up before six to squeeze this one in. Busy day so I had to make the decision on Wednesday night to rest up and hit the hay at a reasonable hour. The bugs on the neighborhood trail were AWFUL!!! I think I got 6 horsefly bites! I stayed off the trail and ran "the hill" for the last two miles. 
Friday - Rest Day - you guessed it - perfect 3 out of 3 for rest days. 
Saturday - 4 miles - treadmill run with family time in the basement. I enjoyed the treadmill time and watching the kids dance and play. Also, I was able to jack up the speed a bit since the heat wasn't so bad. 

My view from the treadmill...

Sunday - 9 miles - Done! And under a ten minute pace! My goal is to keep my long, slow runs at about a 9:30 pace in hopes that my race pace will be there or even 9:15. This was about a 9:45 pace which I'll take. Though it was cooler (73), the humidity was sky high! 

Home stretch on the trail! Started at Meridian Road, ran to the end and doubled back to hit the water fountain for an extra mile!

Total - 7/7 days complete = 20 miles! 

I don't hit 20 miles often so I'm very happy although it is a far cry from the 40 in September. This was a confidence building week though. I love the fact that this plan is only four days of running. It does mean that you can't miss a day, but it allows more flexibility in which days to fit a run. 

Case in point...today is Tuesday and I should have run but didn't. I choose instead to stay up until 3am reading Cold Mountain last night. Then, Tessa visited us multiple times during the night thinking she was sick. After a day of school supply and clothes shopping, I was absolutely shot. I'll go tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. That means I'll miss a 1 mile time trial on Wednesday. Not exactly sure what that's about anyway, but don't feel too bad about missing it. 

Goals for this week are the same - get in every workout - except for the 1 mile timed (though, I could fit it in on Friday). And, be cognizant of everything I put in my mouth. Lost a pound of the five from vacation last week, but still have a ways to go!

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