Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running Update - 03.31.13

Well, I should have known better than to write this post. I managed to get in my long run (9 miles) on Sunday, but then that was it. Nada. Nothing. The rest of the week. I just didn't make the time. We were preparing for another trip which meant longer work hours, more laundry, more stress and less time. But, I didn't choose to make the time either.

Good news. One week won't kill me. I'll still be able to run the Mini just fine. :)

I picked back up once we arrived in Florida, but only a little. This week was supposed to be a lighter week - 21 miles. No speed work and no long run. I improvised. Instead of fitting in five runs like I was supposed to do, I did three, but still managed 19 miles.

Mom and I ran a nice 6 miler on Monday right along 30A. It felt like we were running much faster than the 9:45 average we ended up with, but I attribute that to chatting the whole way. She is very used to that and I am very much not used to that. So, I think I felt more winded. Either way, I was happy to sneak that one in!

Then, on Thursday, I did five on my own around Watercolor - the beautiful neighborhood where we stayed. You can see some of the houses in these posts from last year. I took a path around Western Lake. I kept up a good clip of 9:30 and felt much better than Monday. The run was just beautiful!

We also fit in a few bike rides, but nothing too serious. It was nice to just take it easy.

Today, I went for eight miles through the neighborhood and felt awesome. My app says I ran over 8.5, but I'm pretty sure it was only 8 based on my previous mileage readings. I have a loop that I think is around 2.3 miles - I ran it 3 times, with an extra mile added on at the end. I really need to start using Tom's GPS watch. Either way, I was thrilled with my time, and even more thrilled with how good it felt while I was running. I'd love to really figure out why some runs feel so good and others feel so bad.

Unfortunately, my feet did not agree with my legs and lungs. When I got back, I thought I felt a little pinch and sure enough, gigantic blister. Ouch. I skimped on the Moleskin this run, but I'm scared it's the new shoes. I've worn them on a handful of 5-6 mile runs and felt fine, but this one did me in. I'm so mad that it happened too because it really hurts. Hopefully, it will heal up quickly and I'll load up on the Moleskin this week. Bummer.

So, great week - bad week - OK week. My plan for this week is to get in all of my runs. It should be very doable as it's a relatively quiet week. I've added a few running blogs to my Google Reader (Side note: I heard this is disappearing - I will be lost without it! Suggestions?) and hope those will add additional motivation.

I've added Yurbuds to my Wish List due to finding them on one of the blogs I recently added. They are NOT cheap. Don't ask me how my ears sweat, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem! If I keep finding all of these fancy gadgets, running will not be such an inexpensive sport. :)

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