Friday, April 5, 2013

Seaside - Photo Dump!

We took another trip down to Seaside, Florida with my mom and dad! You probably don't remember, but we went last year too. This year was MUCH busier, including trying to find a hotel on the way down, but still fun. It was also quite a bit cooler! The kids didn't seem to mind too much though as the pool was heated and they don't spend a ton of time in the ocean anyway.

{Note to self for next time - it is in fact NOT fun to stay at a rest stop with the three kids in the middle of the night. No one sleeps, including mom and dad, and it would be better to just reserve a hotel the night before heading south. This is probably obvious to most, but somehow slipped the mind of this  otherwise uber-planner.}

I have a few other photos on my "real" camera. Maybe I'll get to those too. In the meantime, these are all from my phone and some are the Instagram version.

I have no idea when this was taken. Probably after the night of one hour of sleep on the way down. Really, as always, the kids did better on the trip than the adults. :)

Passing through Pintlala, Alabama. Who need a Walmart?! 

The first night when we arrived, it was storming and pouring down rain. We ordered pizza and then Jack requested it for breakfast the next day.

I'm sure I took these two photos last year too. I love walking over the dunes to the beach. It makes the beach seem much more peaceful and quiet.

Jack absolutely loved the sand this year. Last year, he didn't want anything to do with it and wouldn't even get off of the chair. This year was a different story!

Jack's a mer-man!

My girls! 

Did I mention he loved the beach?

He was not as much a fan of the pool and didn't enter it once on this trip. He did venture to the baby pool once or twice with Gram and Pop. 

Heading out to dinner after our first full day. You can't see it here, but the girls got totally sunburnt. I should really keep track of all of the Mother-of-the-Year awards I'm accumulating. 

The first day was a little cool (maybe upper 60's?) but the second day was downright cold! I think the high may have reached 50 that day. This is a shot of Seaside from the record shop in town. 

We spent a lot of that afternoon playing on the iPads and playing cards. 

Jack and I - I swear he only makes silly faces for photos these days. 

I fell in love with the teal porch swing. So Florida and so NOT Indiana. :) 

One morning, we rode our bikes into Grayton Beach State Park. It was beautiful! The water reminded me the Caribbean! 

Gram and Pop soon realized that Jack loved jumping into holes on the beach. So, they started faithfully digging him a hole each day. I swear he jumped in and out of those holes for two hours straight. 

You can kind of see in this photo that I have my legs covered up with a towel. 55 degrees with strong wind was more than a bit chilly. The blue skies more than made up for the chill though!

The girls with their new shovels. 

Two of the pools were heated so the girls swam every day I think. 

Tom and Jack. 

Gram and Tessa.

I love blue umbrellas against the blue sky.

Last day was warm! And sunny! So, Gram and Pop dug another hole. :)

Josie and Tessa worked hard to dig out sun tanning chairs in the hole. As if the sunburn from the first day wasn't enough. 

Jack was as sweet as can be for almost the entire trip. He may have had one "moment" at breakfast one time. But, for a two year old? I'll take it. 

Finally, it was time to head home. The trip home was actually pretty nice. It never fails though, the kids will get slap-happy. I remember that from when I was a kid too. 

I bought the girls dry erase boards from the $1 bin at Target for the trip. At a gas station, the girls were giggling non-stop. The only thing that can make that happen? Toilet humor. Tessa wrote a little story. All on her own. {For those of you who don't understand kindergarden grammar, she wrote, "I saw a Unicorn pooping out." Then, she proceeded to draw a picture.} I'm so proud. 

I rode for 14 hours like this. It wasn't as bad as it looked but I was happy to be home. Thanks to an awesome Tom who drove both directions. The whole way. 

Fantastic trip! So happy to have made the trip and created life-long memories for the kids. And for us!

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