Friday, March 15, 2013

Mama Got New Shoes!

I hit a running milestone this week. I actually ran every scheduled run in my training regimen. Shocking. Really, this should have happened at least one other time during my training for four half-marathons but I don't think it ever has.


Although, I needed that win this week. I take what I can get.

Here's what I did this week. (21 miles - Honestly, I think that's close to another record. Again, pitiful.)

Sunday - 8 Miles @ 8:51 per mile - Neighborhood Trail
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5 Miles @ 9:45 per mile - Treadmill
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - .5 Mile Warm Up - 3 Miles @ 8:24 per mile - .5 Cool Down - Neighborhood Trail
Friday - 4 Miles @ 9:45 per mile - Neighborhood Trail
Saturday - Rest

Doubly impressive? Tom was gone for four and a half days this week. I had to stop Tuesday's 5 miler on the treadmille three times - to make lemonade, to help find scissors for homework and to change a dirty diaper. That's dedication. :)

I realized a few things this week.

1. Making running a priority makes running happen. I need to plan when I will run the night before and make sure child care is lined up and the weather is OK. Or, I need to mentally prepare for the treadmill.

2. I hate the treadmill more each time. This winter, I have made an concerted effort to run outside regardless of the temperature. The only thing that really stops me is rain. I don't like wet feet.

3. My easy-could-run-forever pace is speeding up a bit. Two or three weeks ago, I was running 10:30 miles. I was highly disappointed in the speed, but I was very surprised at how good I felt at that pace. That pace is now 9:45.

4. I decided to start counting my weekly mileage with my long run on Sunday. And, I like having a long run on Sunday. Starting my "week" with a long run means that I get a jump on the mileage count. It motivated me this week to make it happen. Isn't it funny how your brain can work?

5. I like to run. It usually takes me until around mile 2 each day, but eventually, I remember that I enjoy this whole process. I usually forget that by the next morning too. :) It's mind clearing. It's motivating. It's quiet time (even though the music is blasting). And, it burns calories. I think I lost a pound or two this week. 21 miles = 2100 calories = 1 pound.

6. I like the speed work with this program. Thursday is the speed day. It varies but this week, it was warm up with an easy jog for a mile (I did 0.5 mile for time constraints). Then, run 3 miles at your half-marathon pace. Then finish with another mile (again, did 0.5 mile) at an easy jog. If I could actually sustain this pace for a half-marathon, I would have a 1:50 finish. Wow.

7. I don't think my paces are right. :) Which makes point #6 a little irrelevant. It would also explain how I ran 8 miles at 8:51 and felt pretty good. But, a small part of me wonders if they're not off and I'm just feeling better and training better. I felt really strong today. And, what does it really matter? I just need to get the runs in and do my best.

Enough of the ruminating. I'm proud of myself this week. Can you tell?

I bought new shoes today. Brooks Ravenna 4. I think I like them. I've been working hard to try to eliminate my awful blisters. For any run over 5 miles, I slap on some moleskin with athletic tape. This is new for me and has appeared to work for the blisters. I think it helps that I've been running in new socks too - Smart Wool. (Thanks Claudia!)

My first run in these shoes though had a new set of issues. I'm chalking them up to being new though and will wear them in next week. I plan to do my long run on Sunday in my old Saucony ProGrid's.

One final note on the running front. I realized this week that in 2010, I ran 0 half-marathons (I had Jack that year). 2011 = 1, 2012 = 2 and I plan to do 3 this year (2013). By now, I sure hope you're seeing that pattern. If I keep it up, I'll run 9 half-marathons in the year I turn 40. How cool would that be? I've not yet set it as a goal, but it sure does spend a lot of time rumbling around in my head these days. For now, I'll stick with my three for this year. 

Oops. Sorry. One final point. I signed up for the Steamboat Springs Half-Marathon on June 2nd this week. My friend, Claudia, has an awesome goal of running a half-marathon in every state. So, a few months back, I told her I would go with her to Colorado since I have family there. We're making it a girls weekend and my sister-in-law, Katie, is planning to come and run as well. (Maybe the 10K?) My other sister-in-law, Amy (the one with the triplets), is also considering tagging along.  I'm nervous about the altitude but also really excited for the new experience. And, it will just be so much fun to be with just the girls. Thanks Claudia for the motivation to try something new! 

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