Sunday, January 6, 2013

Colorado 2013 - Photo Overload!!!!

I have so (SO) much to blog about and I'll never catch up. But, that's OK. It's the New Year and my house is clean, the bags are unpacked, laundry is done and Christmas is put away in the basement. All of that is very, very good.

We returned from our trip to Colorado Saturday morning around 1AM. It was a great trip and the kids did a great job traveling. Maybe one day, I'll do a post about traveling with kids. For now, the photos. :) I apologize in advance for the randomness of the photos. Some are from our "good" camera and sized out too small on the upload. Others are from my phone and others are from Instagram. One of these days, I'll get some editing software to make them all appear the same.

We left at the crack of dawn on New Year's Day. Josie and Tessa actually came down, on their own, fully dressed at 3:30AM. Everyone did great and the flight was easy and on time.

On the shuttle at 4:30AM.

On the plane...

M&M's were very necessary to keep Mr. Jack in his seat.

After landing at 8:30AM, we hung out at Katie and Jason's for a little while and the kids immediately hit the basement and started to play. A tea party commenced...

We then took the girls over to see the triplets. Whoa. Were they cute!?!? :) And, I swear, I didn't hear a peep out of any of them the whole time we were there. Joey and Amy are just naturals at being parents and the kids really seem to get that. Most nights, they sleep from 7PM until 4AM and they're only 2.5 months old - NOT preemie adjusted! Can you say awesome?

Tessa and Evelyn - you'll notice Tessa is quite fond of all of the babies. Josie was too, but Tessa probably got the most baby holding time of the two.

Evelyn with a little smile

Tom and Josie holding Levi

Joey talking to Evelyn

Amy with Jesslyn - aren't they both beautiful?!

Big Boy Levi - he weighs a whopping 12 pounds now!

Sweet little Jesslyn

Josie has Jesslyn and Tessa has Evelyn

Josie and Jesslyn

Jesslyn again

Tessa now has Levi

Amy is holding Evelyn - yes, Amy's nails are done. :) I'm impressed!


Joey and Levi - Levi's face cracks me up in this photo!

Joey and Levi again - this is probably my favorite photo of the trip.

Jesslyn again - I feel like we have this exact same photo of Josie

This is how Tom and I would look with twins - except I would not be wearing lipstick, have my hair done or be wearing anything but sweatpants. Ever. :)

Sleepy Levi - I held him this way for some time. My favorite way to hold a baby!

The big cousins playing Play Doh!

Josie, Alexis and Jenna watching Dora. Josie and Tessa were great big cousins to the girls. They played and played and played and played...

We went to the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The center was cool for the kids with some weather exhibits and the short, little hike out the back was the perfect distance for this crew of three two year olds, a four, five and six year old. Plus, it really made the girls feel like they were in the mountains.

Jack's always ready for a party.

Katie, Jason, Alexis, Jenna and Clark heading in the exhibits.

I loved being able to look down the mountain.

The big kids! Jack demanded to get in this photo even though he did most of the hiking in his backpack carrier.

Tom and Josie

View from the top

There was more baby holding to be had...

We were lucky to be able to celebrate Alexis and Jenna's Two Year Birthday with them too!

And, we even had time to give Chewie, Katie & Jason's dog, a haircut. Like a lion.

He was a good sport.

I think he makes a great lion.

We snapped a few photos of the nine kiddos. There are four more fantastic cousins that are missing from this photo. :(

Finally, it was time to head home. Jack wanted his safety information card by his side the whole flight.

I think it was a great vacation for all involved. Our kids were great sports and seem very comfortable flying and traveling through the airport. I think more trips will be in our future as a family. For now, Tom and I need to keep our bags handy because we leave for Mexico in six days!!!!!

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