Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day Excitement!

Today was the day! Josie started first grade and Tessa took on kindergarten. This marks a huge change for us. Josie was only half day kindergarten last year and just took the bus to school and we picked her up from school. Then, of course, there was no bussing for Tessa's Pre-K. So, having both girls transported to and from school is a huge gift for us! (Both time and gas money!)

{You can see the post from last year too!}

We spent the last night before school getting everything ready. Tom took them swimming at the neighbors so that they would be nice and tuckered out by the new 7:30 bedtime. It worked. All of the kids were bathed, bags packed, lunches ready, outfits picked out and settled down and out like a light at 7:30. And, it's a good thing. Tessa was down in our bed by 5AM (this is not unusual anyway) and Josie was up and dressed by 6:15.

Breakfast, hair and teeth brushed and we were ready to go at 6:45 - only 30 minutes early. :) It gave us lots of time for photos!

Hoping to take this photo each year! We'll be able to judge by the doorbell height!

Running off to the bus stop together - lots of nervous energy this morning!

When it was time to get them off the bus, one of my neighbors came over and said do you want to hear how Tessa did? (She was one of the gracious parents that helps get the little ones off the bus and to their classrooms for the first week.) Oh no! Apparently, she cried most of the way to school on the bus. Josie didn't sit with her (she thought she still had assigned seating from last year) and so she didn't have anyone to sit with. Apparently, that really shook her up. :( But, thankfully, the neighbor saw her and sent her daughter over to help her out. (My girls LOVE Brynn.) She settled down quickly and did great the rest of the day. So thankful the neighbor was there to check on her!

We were able to learn a lot about their days. Sounds like everything was great. Maybe a short (very short?) lunch but other than that, sounds like they had fun. Tessa was sad that she didn't get to drink her Capri-Sun and I still haven't really figured out why but I'm sure it will get easier. Those kids chowed down this afternoon and tonight though! They had an after school snack and then took off for the neighbor's house. Then, for dinner, they ate more than I've ever seen them eat and were still asking for more when they were done.

We had a bit of a breakdown with Tessa at bedtime though. Not the usual fit-type breakdown, but more of a weepy thing. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. She said she's confused about what to wear tomorrow and really just wanted big hugs. I can't even imagine how much she had to go through today. A full day of kindergarten with everything new (teachers, students, routines, etc.) can really take it out of a five year old. This is so different than last year when we were just dropping Josie off and picking her back up 2 hours later. I know it will get easier for her and for me, but I immediately threw myself back to all of those uncomfortable school memories - first day at a new school, first time in a lunch line, first night at summer camp, first night away at college, etc. and how scared and uncertain I was. I just feel so helpless and want to make her feel better and hold her hand the whole way. (Meanwhile, I'm fast forwarding to dropping the kids off at college and it makes me cry even more!) I keep reassuring her (and myself) that it will get easier and it will be so much fun, but I think she's having a hard time believing me through my tears. :)

Now, mind you, Josie had a great day and had nothing but positive things to say. Music class was a big hit and she said her teacher was really nice. :) She brought home homework and we managed to get that done tonight too. 

We managed another 7:30 bedtime and I snapped these pictures around 8:15 with the light still streaming in their bedrooms. It looks like Tessa is still concerned. Tom tells me I sleep like this all the time though and I'm convinced that's what has caused all of my wrinkles. :)

Full, full day!

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