Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random May Mumblings

I have a lot to catch up on so I'm doing it all in one post. Sorry it's so random! 

1. Tessa had her first "friend" birthday party at our house. It was a great time and everyone was able to come even though it was extremely short notice. (Bad mom of the year award - right here). Funny thing - there were FOUR Josie's there! Who knew it would have been such a popular name. (I don't want to post a bunch of photos of the other kids, but here are a few from the party.)

The pink cupcakes

The gift table

Post pinata

 The birthday girl!

They ate out on the back porch - less mess!

2. It's only May 24th and we've already been swimming three times! The girls are getting really good at swimming under water and Tom was teaching Josie to tread water last year. This WILL be the year I get them in swimming lessons. :) Jack is getting more adventurous too! 

3. Tessa definitely reacts poorly to real milk. Over the last weekend, we really didn't pay too much attention to what she was eating. Four horrible fits later, I said to Tom, "Uh, she's had a lot of ice cream lately..." Turns out a little every once in a while doesn't seem to bother her, but two days in a row of ice cream and cheese sticks and she really let loose. We're back to normal now. On a similar note, I did ask the doctor about the whole thing at her five year check up and he said he certainly believes that milk can cause behavior problems even though there haven't been studies to prove it. We just need to make sure she gets enough calcium and Vitamin D. Turns out there's more of both in soy milk than in regular milk! 

4. Josie had a really nice Mother's Day Tea at school. It was actually the morning after the graduation program. I had to hand it to the teacher's for doing such a nice job on both! They were able to show us some of their work and had drawn pictures of their mothers for us to guess. I picked the right one. :) Afterward, the kids went out to recess and Josie showed me that she was able to go across all of the monkey bars - something she's been working on since the beginning of school. Pretty proud girl! 

5. Wholly Guacamole Spicy is about the best thing ever created. I can’t believe I even thought I didn’t like guacamole. One trip to Mexico as an adult changed that. This stuff is delicious and super spicy, but a good spice. I like it with Kashi’s TLC Original 7 Grain Pita Chips. I tell myself they’re not as unhealthy as regular tortilla chips, but they probably are…

Told you it was random!!! But now I feel better having it all documented!

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