Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emotional Day

Today was an emotional day all the way around. I feel like I have been on the verge of tears (or actually having them roll down my cheeks) all day! 

First - Josie's last day of school was today and watching the teacher give one last hug as they each walked out the door made me start bawling like a baby. She wrote a very nice note in Josie's book too - queue more tears. (I bought "Oh the Places You'll Go" with the hopes of having each teacher sign it at the end of the year - thanks Pinterest!) Josie was sad too because she said Mrs. Brown talked a lot about this class would always be special to her since it was her first kindergarden class. 

A photo from this morning...

Here's a page from her end of the year journal. I think she nailed it and am so glad this is what she got out of the year - the important stuff!

Second - Our Rotary Club put on the annual Memorial Day program. We start the meeting as usual at Ponderosa and have a brief program. This year, Rick Walker talked about a young boy from Hancock County who died in Vietnam. Talk about touching. We then headed down to the Veteran's Park for a prayer, 21 Gun Salute, and taps. I'm glad we do this every year as it always renews my pride in our country. Someone said today that these men died to ensure we were a sovereign nation and ruled by no other. Also, it's always a good reminder that we need to be telling our kids the true meaning of the holiday, just as we do Christmas and Easter. Tom got some great photos here a while back. It's really a fantastic memorial. 

Finally, Andrea visited Timber Run today with Lydia and her mom. Now, we saw her last weekend at the Big May 5K, but only briefly. Seeing her talk about her customers and seeing them again just brought it all rushing back. One of our homeowners went to visit her at Methodist and cried today just talking about it. I'm so proud of how far she has come and how much strength she and her family have demonstrated. The event last weekend was a raging success and more photos can be found on our Joyner Homes Facebook Page, but here are two of my favorites of Andrea.

So, all in all, I'm exhausted. But, just like always, getting my thoughts on paper has helped immensely. I'm ready for the holiday weekend so we can just chill out as a family for a while. We have lots of fun things planned but also lots of downtime planned. My definition of a perfect long weekend!


  1. Glad most of these were happy tears. I have shed a few for you too just reading this. Cheers to a great holiday weekend full of fun, family and friends! I know we have all worked hard but not as hard as our soldiers we honor! Happy to remember those who have given us these freedoms.

  2. Thanks Monica! I'm hoping to get the kids downtown sometime this weekend too. I was glad Rick mentioned that because it's easily a holiday that's celebrated as a Monday off and the true meaning forgotten. On another note, we're excited to come hang out with everyone tomorrow!