Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May - It's Tessa's Month!

My eyes are tearing up as I write this...

This month will bring some emotional milestone events for this mama. Josie has her kindergarden graduation on the 10th and then not 6 days later is Tessa's Pre-K Graduation. Tessa also turns five this month (and has her five year check up today). She'll celebrate her birthday at school early too. So, while Josie does have her program, this is Tessa's month and I need to start making some birthday plans!

Tessa's Pre-K Parent/Teacher Conference was yesterday and there were no big surprises. She continues to do an awesome job on her fine motor skills - writing, cutting, etc. I looked back through her signature pages throughout the year and her handwriting was spot on from the beginning and didn't really change too much. She had a few "Needs Improvements" in areas that were not a surprise - listening, playing well with others, etc.

I told Tom last night that I had to grin when we were going over some of those areas. The teachers said, also with just the smallest hint of a smile, that she knows what she wants and that she wants to be in charge, though is also very social. They also mentioned that she is always looking for fun and would probably give us a run for our money.

Yep - that's Tessa. Maybe it's just my optimism and thinking the best of my kids but what I heard was - spirited, convicted, headstrong, knows what she wants and willing to fight for it, natural leadership - these are all very positive things I thought about our little second born. Now, don't get me wrong, she needs to learn a little more about respecting adults and her friends and listening to teachers, but I am learning to love the qualities that come along with a strong-willed child. This is a kid I can picture going really far in life.

She had kindergarden registration last week too and did great. She was thrilled that she got to do her screening with Mrs. Brown, Josie's teacher.

Finally, we have her checkup today. I'm sure that will be fine, but I do want to ask the doctor about this milk thing. I wrote about the milk elimination in another post and we've stuck with it. She drinks plenty of soy milk and I also let her have one or two cheese sticks a day, neither of which really affect her. I really am still amazed at the striking difference in her behavior. While she still has her moments (see previous comments - did I mention she was headstrong?), they are relatively normal 4-year-old moments and she recovers much faster than she used to when drinking real milk.

I'll end with posting a few favorite pictures of our girl. I'm looking forward to celebrating this month with her!

At birth...

Around 3 months...

One Year - Yes, that's a major bump on her head!

18 months... (Look at that hair!!!!!)

Two Year Old Birthday

I think she's about two and half here.

Four Year Birthday

Four & A Half

On a side note, I think we've spent every Memorial Day at the lake since she was born and always celebrated her birthday there since it is May 26th. This year, I think we're staying in Indiana, which I thought I was fine with except now I'm starting to wonder if that's a huge break in tradition. We have a couple of things going on around here over that weekend so we need to stay close, but it's hard to believe this will be a first for her!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tessa! Wow - so happy to see you grow up. Fun + strong character all at the same time = many awesome memories to look forward to. Happy to call her mama a good friend too!