Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New House - I'm Gonna Do This!

OK - so except for the five kid part, I'm totally doing this at the new house. The girls are old enough to put away their own laundry, even though they don't want to and I'm not a fan of the hanging everything.

Laundry System from Clover Lane's Blog - Thanks to my friend Stephanie for introducing me to this great blog!

Our new laundry room has a nice area in which I want to put in a long piece of laminate top as a shelf. Here's a shot of what the room will look like - don't be fooled by "built-ins" as we're just doing a shelf I think.

I can totally envision five laundry baskets beautifully labeled set on the counter and put away nicely each Saturday morning. I already do laundry on Monday and Friday and will probably stick with that. But, I'll start folding in the laundry room and putting them in baskets for the kids to put away. Tom says it's a pipe dream. I say it's a nice pipe dream and I'm gonna make it happen. :)

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