Sunday, November 13, 2011

JPAC Fall Spectacular!

The girls had their first gymnastics performance debut today at JPAC (Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center - Jaycie is from Greenfield and a member of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Team and Co-Owner of the gym.) None of us were quite sure what to expect, but they all did a great job! It was set up like a real meet so the groups of girls went through their rotations and Josie and Tessa had to wait and watch all the other kids which is different than their normal classes. They were grouped with the older girls and I was really impressed with how well they did for the entire time (especially Tessa!). The younger girls group still performed as a group together much more like their classes. Each coach had the girl do the skill that was most applicable to their age group. And, of course, everyone got a medal and got to stand on the big mat/podium! It was great exposure to competition and performing. I really like that they get a chance to perform but we don't have to spend hundreds on costumes. Just a $20 leotard!

Here are the pics...

Warm up -

Jack also was a great sport - sat relatively still on Tom's lap for the entire two hours!

Josie and Tessa's group - The Olympians - Josie spotted us obviously!

The whole group

Josie and Tessa (she was the shortest so she got to be the leader the whole day - made her day!) walking to their first rotation

Josie on the bar

Josie getting ready to do the vault - cheese ball!

Josie on the vault again

Tessa getting ready for vault - her teacher told me last week that she's really good at this because she can run so fast and with power!

See the judge with her hand up? Tessa was waiting for the OK to start.

The coaches tried to keep the girls busy while they were waiting.

Josie doing her floor routine - prepping a handstand

Tessa's handstand - nice work!

Tessa and the judge

Josie getting her medal from Jaycie Phelps. So cool that the girls get high fives each week from an Olympian!

Way to go Josie!

Tessa walking to the podium

Tessa getting her medal from Jaycie

Just a little shy but I can't believe she got up there and did her thing! (In her defense, there were probably 100 people in the crowd!)

Sweet sisters!

What a fun experience!

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