Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Camera Lens!

Last Christmas, Joyner Homes bought us a nice, new Canon Rebel for our Christmas gift. :) We were going to pay for a professional photo shoot for one of our most recent homes, but decided this would be a better investment. We were right! We've gotten some great pictures of homes and of course, our kids.

Fiddling around on various photography blogs last week, I came across a suggestion of a "cheap" Canon lens that promised to take great portraits. I saw the results of a photo shoot using the lens and just had to have it. I'm not a photography person, but I know that a sharp subject and a blurry background (aperture and bokeh as I'm learning more...) make for a fantastic photo.

It finally arrived yesterday and I had fun taking some pictures of Jack in the natural light. (I caught him in the middle of some mischief too!)

Just woke up from his nap - no natural light here - I'm trying to get a little more comfortable with the manual settings.

A little overexposed here but he was looking out the front door. I still like the pic.

He was pretty proud of himself and the fact he stole one of his sister's Capri-Suns.

Oh, if only this had been in focus! This is obviously not a great photo, but I love his little face!

My favorite picture of him of all time! Love it all!

 Just want to eat him up!

This is what I found two minutes before we had to leave for gymnastics. Yes, we were late because I grabbed the camera. Dumped an entire box of Honey Nut Cheerios on the floor.

He was having a great time.

Tom gave me a good hint about taking pictures of little people - get on their level for the right perspective.

He is making a chomping sound as he's shoving them in his mouth. I wish I could write it out phonetically!

Finally, I took some pictures of still objects just for fun. I just love this lens! These really show you ho blurry the background can get with something up close in such sharp focus. So excited to put it to good use!

Now, I'm just looking for a photography class to actually work on how to put this thing to good use. Any ideas?

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