Thursday, November 20, 2014

Josie and Tessa's Meet! Videos!

Last weekend, we spent Saturday morning in Martinsville watching the girls' second gymnastic's meet. Tom and I missed their very first meet of the season so this was our first time watching them this season and first time watching Tessa period. Despite the 5:30AM wake up call, we were excited to see them in action!

Tessa is a Level 1 this year. So, she was up first!

Her second vault...


Beam (This one is really hard to see - she's in the pink in the back right corner of the gym)...

And, finally, floor...

I didn't get photos of Jack, but he was SO well behaved! He was happy to have the Kinnaman boys to pal around with during Tessa's meet. Then, he found a friend part way through and I was glad that he was entertained. Josie and dad were good spectators too.

It was really fun to watch her compete after four years of practices. Awards were given to each age division and Tessa won her division! We were so proud of her! 

She was pretty proud of herself too. 

Up next were the Level 2 girls. This is Josie's second season. (She started as a level 2 and Tessa started as a level 1.) I shared videos of her first meet in this post

One of her vaults...

And, bars...

Then, over to the beam. Dad got a great spot to video!

And, finally, over to the floor.

She did such a great job! So improved over last year! (Here's her first meet post.) Second place finish for this girl! And, in the 9-year-old division!

They've come a long way since their very first time showing off their skills! I forgot all about this post from 2011! Last night, Josie managed her first back handspring in practice too - something I never managed to do. :) 

Being a parent, you have proud moments and not-so-proud moments. This is definitely a proud moment. It's even more meaningful because of how proud they were of themselves. I think it's all finally clicking with them that working hard really does pay off and feel good. Another important lesson learned in youth sports! 

Great job girls! 

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