Sunday, January 19, 2014

Josie's Gymnastics Debut!

I'm a very proud mama right now! Josie had her first meet today for gymnastics! We've been taking her to classes for a few years and then she decided this year she wanted to compete. Today was her first chance to give it a try!

The last two weeks, she has really been practicing non-stop between gym practice three days a week and basement practice the other days. (Completely self-imposed!) Honestly, she just seems to be having so much fun!

I, being the nervous mom, was concerned that she wouldn't know her routines and may be embarrassed in front of the crowd and the judges. I was sorely mistaken! She remembered all of them and didn't have one ounce of stage fright and really did a great job! While she didn't make it on the podium, she got a medal, and probably more important to her, a free t-shirt. :)

I'm so glad she has decided to compete. The benefits are so huge for her character development, not to mention the physical exercise. Being on a team yet having an individual experience is one of the reasons I've really enjoyed running. I'll never win a race (never say never right?), but I can always improve. Same goes for gymnastics. I think she's going to make some great friends along the way!

Can't say enough how proud I am of this little one. Sweet girl and growing up so fast! 

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