Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Indianapolis (Half) Marathon This Weekend

I didn't add the exclamation point to the end of the post title. I have to say I'm probably the least excited about this race than any I've had to this point. I've undertrained (mainly due to the trip to Uganda which I wouldn't trade for anything) and honestly, I'm just not feeling my running mojo.

I missed three long runs (yikes!) but my longest was 11 miles which isn't too bad. It's just that it was three weeks ago. I've had two solid runs since coming home, but they're not long ones.

First run back on US soil...

Fall weather is the best running weather - just watch out for hidden sticks and walnuts.

Yes. Those are bugs on my neck and under my eyes. I also had some up under my hat. I wish it was because I was running so fast that I was taking them out left and right. Not so much. Just a run at twilight.

I know the excitement and butterflies will come. They always do. And, this is "just" a training run for my goal race on November 1st. My plan is to run 8 miles "easy" and 5.1 at "goal half marathon pace." I'm pretty sure I can do that. One step at a time right?

Plus, it can't be as hard as last year when I did the full. Perspective!

And, I realized that I have the most races ever out in front of me - 5! This weekend, November 1st, January in Texas, February in California and May back at the Indy Mini will round out 5 in just over 6 months.

Now that makes me a little more excited.

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