Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Fall Afternoon

I'm once again dreadfully behind on the blog. I'm also dreadfully behind on laundry. The world will go on. I owe a race racap from last weekend and I need to finish my trip to Dubai. But, for now, you'll have to deal with pictures of the kids.

I was bound and determined to get some photos of the kids around the beautiful fall leaves before they turned brown and the skies turned gray. Well, I got a few. Nothing spectacular, but I got out there. And, their hair wasn't brushed, their outfits were far from perfect, but I was determined.

That's all I got out of the girls. They ran off to play. Somehow I kept Jack's attention.

Dad made Jack a "phone" out of a spare paver from the new patio.

This is a totally new face.

Then, Jack showed us how to do a skin the cat. In slow motion and in fast motion.

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