Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day Eleven - A New Continent - Rotary International VTT 2014 - Kampala, Uganda

{This is a series in posts about our trip to Uganda for the Riley/Rotary Vocational Training Team. To start at the beginning, go to this post. Check out the team blog at If you visit the team blog, please leave a comment! The team loves to hear your encouraging words!}

Our last morning waking up at the Golf Course Hotel! I noticed this morning that the breakfast at the hotel didn't have much left that was appetizing. The food was really great the whole week but after having every day, I was ready for a change I guess.

We went over to the hospital to say our final goodbyes! (A note here: Ugandans don't like to say goodbye so they just say, "Until next time!") I brought my "good" camera but I'm afraid the pictures turned out a little blurry. Hopefully, I got a few good ones.

Everyone was doing great! A few kids were going to be moved down to the step-down unit today and a there was a rumor that Barbra and Patience will get to go home soon!


Stephanie and Princess' mom

Dr. Turrentine checking out Patience

The girls with Becca, an ICU nurse

The girls with Trina who spent nights in the ICU

Barbra and her mom

Patience and her mom

The ICU team didn't leave until later in the evening and so they went to Buganda Road market. This time by boda boda. The three of us heading to Dubai went up to the room to pack. We left for the airport a few hours early. I took some pictures out of the taxi window.

But first, a look outside our hotel room window.

All along the roads are these little nursery/garden areas. 

More construction


As I've mentioned previously, the traffic here can be really bad so we left early. Luck was on our side though and we made it to the airport without traffic problems. Luggage checkin was a different story! Eventually, we made it through and to the gate with really very little time to spare.

The flight to Dubai was uneventful and I slept lot of the way. Once at the Dubai airport, I realized how different these two cultures actually are! It was obvious even in the airport! More about that tomorrow!

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