Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Weekend #383

Ok fine. It's not the 383rd winter weekend but it sure feels that way. In my new found promise to enjoy every last bit of this season, I put myself to work. 

First, I emptied out the desk, closet and under the bed of the guest room. I decided that I want a true home office so Tom and I can both be productive. I've taken over a little table in his tiny office and, while it was nice to be close, we didn't get much work done. This shift should help. Plus, as the kids get older, I really can get more done at home. 

It always gets worse before it gets better. This room had certainly become the catch all. 

Tom added some closet shelves too which really helped. The printer and my files are now inside the closet. I even managed to get pretty contact paper in the drawers. 

Doesn't that look inviting? I keep finding myself in there and hanging out. I've made sure there is a spot on a shelf  in the closet for clutter so it's always a clean and inviting space. 

Added bonus? I can nap whenever I feel the urge. :)

That was all day Saturday. I still have a huge giveaway pile to deal with too. 

Today was spent on thinning out coats, hats, single gloves etc. I always seem to do this at the end of the season and feel guilty that I can't get them to someone who needs them when it's seasonally appropriate. That causes me to just never do it. Better late than never. Here are my new, labeled, mudroom bins. 

Tom also worked on some projects, mainly all mine, this weekend. Thanks Tom. Along with adding shelving, he also started on our chalkboard wall. I have grand plans for this sucker! His plans also include a frame which he is staining in the basement so it will come later. 

Finally, I did my long run (8 miles) in the snow and it wasn't just on the ground - it was actively falling. I decided this week that my long runs would be run outside regardless of weather. I've had two nasty weather race days in a row with zero nasty weather training to prepare. So, I decided to give it a try. Plus, I'm so beyond tired of the treadmill I can hardly stand it. 

I thought I was crazy but turns out others had the same idea. Though I didn't see anyone on the trail today, there were plenty of footprints. It was a slow (very slow), deliberate run and I was careful where to step so I didn't twist an ankle, but I did find it enjoyable. 

Tonight, continuing in the spirit of trying to enjoy the season, we're watching Rocky IV (where he trains in Russia in the snow) with the fireplace on. 

All that said, it's fine by me if this is the last winter weekend. Bring on spring. 

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